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Shelly Wardell

Shelly Wardell

Wellness Ambassador
Volunteer: Wellness Ambassador
Location:  USTAR Building 620 (IC620) 220
Office Phone:  435-797-8707

Being fit and eating healthy are a very big part of my life!  I competed in a NGA Figure Competition in April 2013. If I hadn’t been eating healthy and keeping myself in shape I would not have been able to accomplish the things I did.  Being physically fit and eating healthy is very important to me, and especially in the society that we live in and the high rate of obesity.  I enjoy going into the gym and having a great training session and then having people tell me that I motivate them to try harder and eat better.  That right there makes me want to continue on my fitness journey.  As a woman I think we are so hard on ourselves and I know it doesn’t matter what the scale says, or what other people say, it’s how I feel on the inside that counts.  Stepping on stage and feeling my best I know that all my hard work had paid off.  If I hadn’t eaten right or weight trained I would not be where I am today!