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Jan Radcliff

Jan Radcliff

Wellness Ambassador
Volunteer: Wellness Ambassador
Location:  USU Moab Center
Office Phone:  435-259-7432

After being diagnosed with high blood pressure last year, I've started restructuring my lifestyle.  Things that had to go first were items like caffeine and sugar.  Adding an exercise regime to my daily life was probably what has really put me back on track.  I love walking my two Pomeranian dogs, so getting outdoors with them has been lifesaving.  Since being diagnosed last year I've joined two gyms and have a number of gym buddies who are also looking to get healthy again.  The weight loss has been great, my blood pressure has been stabilized, and I'm enjoying this wonderful time of my life "The 50's".  I've been excited about the USU Wellness program since hearing about the program recently.  I'm thinking that others in our office here in Moab could really benefit from what the Wellness program can teach us.  I like the ideas of challenges.  We have a number of individuals at different stages in thinking about wellness; setting up some self-challenges, I feel would benefit them, and encourage others to join in.  Since the youngest employee at USU Moab is 50 - we all have wellness concerns.  I look forward to helping encourage those around me to take better care of themselves, as well as being encouraged by those who are already well engaged in an exercise and/or nutrition program.  I know I have a long way to go to reach my goals, but I'm going to have fun getting there!