Wellness Staff

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Wellness Staff
Dayna Barrett

Dayna Barrett

Wellness Coordinator
Wellness Staff: Full-Time Staff
Location:  Utah State University - HR
Office Phone:  435-797-8519
Cell Phone:  435-232-1568

Dayna is very excited to continue to support and enhance the health of USU Employees and their families by making the healthy choice the easy choice.  She understands the importance of providing the necessary tools and resources that our faculty and staff must have in order to maintain good health and overall wellness.  Being healthy and taking care of mind and body in the best way possible will ensure that individuals' work life is more productive and satisfying.

She looks forward to building upon this program and helping our employees achieve wellness!  She can be reached at 435-797-8519 or dayna.barrett@usu.edu. She looks forward to hearing from you!