Inspire Me Awards

Jennifer Jenkins

April/May 2013 - Jennifer Jenkins

“Jen is a single mom who is still able to find time to exercise as well as work a full time job and be a full-time mom. I have been doing boot camp with Jen for the last couple of year and have seen her make fantastic gains in her strength and endurance. She has lost over 50 pounds in the past year, she looks amazing. She is a great example to me with her can do attitude. She works hard and encourages everyone around her.”

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Betty Rozum

September 2012 - Betty Rozum

“Betty joined the USU @ Work Weight Watchers group in October of 2010. She has been a faithful and dedicated member ever since."

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Amy Odum

April 2012 - Amy Odum

“Amy was my first client here at the Wellness Center. I have been working with her for over a year now. She started her wellness journey by working with Nnamdi in one of his first classes. She has since lost a significant amount of weight and inches. Amy is now at the point of maintaining.

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Eldene Jeppson

February 2012 - Eldene Jeppson

When I first met Eldene she was always sitting at her desk and could barely move. When the Sweetheart Challenge came around last year she didn’t want to participate because she could only walk 500-1,500 steps per day.

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Adam Gleed

November 2011 - Adam Gleed

It was in February 2011 that Adam Gleed, IT systems administrator for the Utah State University Registrar’s office, made the decision to change his lifestyle.

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Shannon Johnson


September 2011 - Shannon Johnson

In the world of health, specifically weight loss programs, Weight Watcher’s is among the most recognized and is highly visible. Thanks to Shannon Johnson, Utah State University employees have the opportunity to participate in a Weight Watcher’s program without the hassle of leaving campus.

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Kevin Kobe

June 2011 - Kevin Kobe

Kevin Kobe, Utah State University’s Campus Recreation director, feels that having a healthy lifestyle should not be difficult.

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Trish and Scott Martineau

April 2011 - Trish and Scott Martineau

A supportive team, Trish and Scott Martineau have worked together to change their lifestyle dramatically. Through the Utah State Wellness Program they have been able to implement a steady habit of exercise and healthy eating.

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Amy Kitchen

Mar. 2011 - Amy Kitchen

Weight Watchers advocates, Amy Kitchen and Carolyn Krebs, both feel that Weight Watchers has not only been a way to lose weight but that it was a change in personal lifestyle.  Kitchen said, “I am happy that I joined Weight Watchers.  A lot of people think that it’s just another one of ‘those diets’ but for me it really was a lifestyle change.”

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Peggy Cooper and Carolyn Krebs

Mar. 2011 - Carolyn Krebs (photo with Peggy Cooper)

Weight Watchers advocates, Amy Kitchen and Carolyn Krebs, both feel that Weight Watchers has not only been a way to lose weight but that it was a change in personal lifestyle.  Krebs said, “I decided that I couldn’t do it on my own and that I needed the group support and more accountability.”

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Karen Mouritsen

Feb. 2011 - Karen Mouritsen

Karen, Mouritsen, an accounting assistant in USU’s Controller’s Office, has lost 50 pounds in the process of finding a healthier lifestyle.  She found that her new found health has changed every aspect of her life.  “It makes a world of difference,” Mouritsen said of her nomination.

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Nick Eastmond

Dec. 2010 - Nick Eastmond

Having a healthy lifestyle is very important to Nick Eastmond, a professor at Utah State University. He said he feels that by making the choice to use different modes of transportation — such as walking and biking — a person can build exercise into his or her daily routine. Eastmond recommends that something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator can be the first step to a healthier life style. 
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Alex Baldwin

Nov. 2010 - Alex Baldwin

Alex Baldwin comes from a family of athletes and always maintained a level of physical fitness through athletics, but never really paid attention to nutrition.  Baldwin remembers a time in high school when it wasn’t out of the norm to have five dinners in one night.  Baldwin and his friends would eat dinner at one friend’s house and then eat at another friend’s house, and so on.
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Jason Allen

Oct. 2010 - Jason Allen

At his heaviest, Jason Allen, USU Junction worker, weighed 410 pounds.  He said he knew he needed to lose weight because he was 30 years old, always tired, and in pain.  “My back hurt, my feet hurt, and I felt too young to hurt like that,” Allen said.  “My doctor even wanted to set me up an MRI at the hospital because of my feet.  I needed a change.”
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