Caroline Shugart and Dayna Barrett with award

Worksite Health Promotion

The Utah Council for Worksite Health Promotion recognizes the outstanding achievements of employee wellness programs. It acknowledges programs that promote health, enhance productivity, cut health care costs, and ensure a healthy work environment. The USU Be Well program was given the highest level award due to its wide range of services and offerings. Caroline Shurart, Wellness Coordinator, and Dayna Barrett, Wellness Assistant received the award on behalf of USU.

"This award is one step in our quest to create a wellness culture that supports, enhances, and rewards employees' health efforts. The award acknowledges the great teamwork we have at USU, and the community partnerships we are developing." -Caroline Shugart


Caroline Shugart, Joyce Albrecht holding winged shoes, Fred Hunsaker, and Brande Faupell

Be Well Thank You Party

Winged Shoes Award - Joyce Albrecht

VP Gym Bag Award - Fred Hunsaker

Cheerleader Award - Brande Faupell