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Be Well One Step at a Time Challenge

This is a personal challenge and can be started at any time!  This challenge starts with just water, building up over time until you are tracking similar to many of our other challenges.  It is a great starter challenge!

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4-Week Be Well Challenge

  1. The Be Well Challenge is open to all USU employees and their spouse.  This is an individual challenge, however, working in groups may improve success by providing support and encouragement.
  2. Points are awarded for drinking water, exercising, and eating veggies and fruits throughout the month. You may choose 1 area to improve upon, or all 3, depending on your wellness goals. Even modest lifestyle changes can greatly improve your health and well-being.
  3. The Be Well Challenge runs for 4 weeks. You may start at any time. 
  4. Use the provided Excel spreadsheet to track your progress throughout the month.  Submit your weekly points, and final results in an email or on paper to: Skie Jenson HPER 109 or
  5. If you qualify for at least 50% of the total (504) possible points you will receive a Be Well T-shirt for your efforts.  If you achieve 100% of the total possible points you will recieve your choice of one of the following; pedometer, gym bag, first aid kit, miniature toolkit, or a FREE Be Well Class registration (Bootcamp, Water Aerobics, Fit Club, Stability Ball, Pilates).  Contact Skie Jenson at if you would like to arrange a group challenge.
  6. You are always welcome to work out in the Employee Wellness Center (HPER 109) with the Be Well staff. They have cardio machines, weights, a stretching mat, a weight scale, and a body fat analyzer. The Wellness Staff is there to support you in your wellness efforts, so use them!
  7. You can qualify for an additional 50 points if you have a fitness assessment with our wellness staff. To schedule your appointment, please contact: Info at:


Sign-up Form

Personal Tracking Sheet


Lifestyle Habit (Goals):

Points Earned

Maximum Points Possible:

Drinking water (6-8 cups per day)

1 point per cup

6 pts/day (42 pts/week)

Exercise (30-60 minutes per day)

1 point per 10 min

6 pts/day (42 pts/week)

Eating Veggies & Fruits (5-9 servings per day)

1 point per ½ cup

6 pts/day (42 pts/week)


Water:  Fresh, local water in reusable containers is recommended.  Sorry, but coffee, juice, sugar soda, milk, crystal light, diet soda, tea, lemonade, etc.  do not count. (That’s why this is a challenge!)

Exercise:  A variety of aerobic activity, strength training, and stretching is recommended. It’s OK to accumulate 30-60 minutes of activity throughout the day in 10 minute sessions. Pedometers are sold in the Wellness Center (HPER 109) at our cost ($21 plus tax for Omron HJ-112). Personal training is also available.

 Veggies & Fruit: Fresh, frozen and canned qualify. Please do not count corn, potatoes, or ketchup as a veggie. Please do not count juice (which is high in calories and has NO fiber) as a fruit. What qualifies as a ½ cup serving? Any of the following:  ½ cup celery, ½ medium tomato, 1 small apple, ½ large banana, 6 baby carrots. Here are some ideas to increase your daily servings: choose 1 medium banana (2 servings) at breakfast, enjoy ½ cup lettuce and tomato slices (1 serving) on a sandwich, have 1 cup raw veggies for an afternoon snack (2 servings) and a small apple (1 serving), try 1 cup steamed broccoli for dinner (2 servings), or add ½ cup berries (1 serving) to a yogurt for a dessert parfait.