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Wellness Ambassador
Caroline Shugart

Caroline Shugart

Wellness Ambassador
Volunteer: Wellness Ambassador
Cell Phone:  435-512-5175

I have thoroughly enjoyed being the Employee Wellness Coordinator at USU, and I thank you for all your efforts in creating a culture of support and wellness for our campus.  I have put my heart and soul into wellness, and have been rewarded in seeing the Be Well Program expand and flourish over these past four years.

It has been very inspiring to see more and more engaged employees as measured through our employee evaluation survey, increasing participation rates in our wellness-related activities and programs, the Inspire Me Awards, and the Wellness Ambassador program.  I receive weekly emails from employees telling me of their positive lifestyle changes.

It’s amazing to think about the momentum we have built together these past 4 years… 100% coverage of preventive services, free flu shots, the Employee Wellness Center, fitness assessments and classes, and more.  I am confident our programs will continue to blossom in the future.  I’m excited about our new initiatives like the Know Your Numbers campaign and employee access to the Be Well Clinic (located within the Student Health Center).

Many people depend on the USU Be Well Program, and I am thrilled that Dayna Barrett will be the interim wellness coordinator.  I will continue to be a wellness advocate as I go back to the hospital and back to school.  Please keep in touch. I won’t be far away.