Advanced Sanitation Workshop


This is an in-depth advanced training program for individuals having responsibilities for sanitation and quality control practices in food and dairy plants. The objective is to provide the individual with advanced skills regarding the properties of cleaning and sanitation.


Part 1. Foundations in Sanitation

Part 2. Sanitation Programs

Part 3. Applied Sanitation (more hands-on activities)

Practical Information, Plant Application

Sanitation is a building block of all quality programs. Most people understand that a plant must clean and sanitize equipment and process on a regular basis. Sanitation must be understood in specific ways in order to apply it correctly. This workshop provides detailed, practical information about sanitation, inspection and validation of sanitation activities.

Benefits of Attending

Ideas learned in the workshop will give participants usable knowledge that can be shared with others back at the plant. Often the only way to learn about sanitation is when you are not busy doing sanitation. Plant managers, supervisors, line-leads, and maintenance personnel will all benefit by attending this training.

Learn Practical Solutions

Participants will learn details of the sanitation cycle, sanitation chemicals, CIP systems and chemical application methods. Additionally, specific information concerning sanitation validation techniques will be provided. The focus of this course is to train all participants in the details of food plant sanitation. To this end all participants will be expected to fully participate in the hands on training and application exercises. Anyone wishing to bring an issue from his or her plant or other "real-life" experience is welcome to do so.

Take Home Valuable Materials

All lecture materials, notes, and examples will be supplied to participants. These resources will assist you back at the plant to ensure that your sanitation programs are the best they can be.

Your Instructors

Dr. Brian Nummer is the Extension Food Safety Specialist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science at Utah State University. His specialty is retail and foodservice food safety. Working in retail and foodservice has provided him exposure to many food commodities.

David A. Irish is the Aggie Creamery Mangager at Utah State University. He has over 20 years of experience as a Production and Quality Manager in various aspects of the food industry. Dave is a sanitation expert with a diverse background in plant sanitation and trouble shooting.

Who Should Attend?

QA/QC personnel, sanitation managers and supervisors, plant managers and supervisors, and any staff who want to upgrade their knowledge of the science and technology of cleaning and sanitizing.

Registration Form

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