Statistical Process Control Workshop

Each Spring, in cooperation with the Food Science Department of Utah State Univeristy, the Western Dairy Center offers a class on Statistical Process Control (SPC). This class is designed with both the student and the industry professional in mind. Statistical process control is a tool used to control quality and improve business success. W. Edwards Deming defined quality as "understanding, accepting, meeting, and exceeding customer needs, wants, and expectations continually." During this course, participants will learn about the history of SPC, variation, control charts, run charts, and a variety of statistical tools. Using real life examples, of multiple industries, participants will have a broad, basic understanding of the SPC tools used in the business world. Additionally, this course will provide participants an on-going relationship with SPC expertise that can be utilized for years after the class is over. Step up to a higher level of quality with USU/WDC's SPC training.

Course Objectives

Practical Information, Plant Application

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a key element to any successful quality program. The use of statistics in controlling the variation of any process is vital. In this module you will learn the key concepts of SPC. These concepts, when coupled with a solid, in-plant system SPC system, will result in improved quality.

Benefits of Attending

SPC is a tool used by plant quality personnel to determine the consistency of a process. Statistics is all about data, or numbers, not assumptions. The use of statistics allows groups of diverse individuals to focus on the main issues and harness the power of numbers to the advantage of the team. Plant managers, supervisors, line-leads, and maintenance personnel will all benefit by attending this training.

Learn Practical Solutions

The focus of this course is to introduce all participants to the ideas of SPC. To this end all participants will be expected to fully participate in the hands on training and application exercises. Anyone wishing to bring an issue from his or her plant or other "real-life" experience is welcome to do so. The course includes use of computer software as well and hand calculations. Participants should bring a calculator.

Take Home Valuable Materials

All lecture materials, notes, and examples will be supplied to participants. These resources will assist you back at the plant to incorporate SPC or recharge your existing SPC program.

Your Instructor

David A. Irish is the Aggie Creamery Manager at Utah State University. He has over 20 years of experience as a Production and Quality Manager in various aspects of the food industry. He has a BS degree in Food Science from Utah State University and is currently working on a Master Degree in Food Microbiology and Safety. Dave is a sanitation expert with a diverse background in plant sanitation and trouble shooting. He has developed and taught the material in the course over the last three-years.


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