Low-fat Cheddar Cheese Fortified with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids (w-3) are essential nutrients that need to be incorporated into the diet as they cannot be synthesized by the body. The adequate intake recommended by USDA for omega-3 fatty acids is estimated at 1.1-1.6 g/day.

Health benefits associated with omega-3 fatty acids are reduced risk of coronary heart disease, the prevention of cancer, promoting normal growth in young children, good anti-inflammatory activity and proper neural activity.

Researchers at the Western Dairy Center have been investigating fortifying low-fat Cheddar cheese with omega-3 fatty acids. An encapsulated form of omega-3 fatty acids was added to ground cheese curd. The fortified cheese was evaluated by a trained descriptive taste panel for rancid, oxidized, and fishy flavors, over a 180 day storage period.

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