Scope of Research

The Western Dairy Center pursues an ongoing mission to conduct basic and applied research in dairy products and ingredients and to transfer the resulting knowledge to the dairy industry in a usable form.  It is supported by Dairy Management Inc. (The National Dairy Board), the dairy industry, and local dairy farmer organizations.

The Center uses a multi-disciplinary approach to solve problems and improve products in the dairy industry. The scope of research covers all aspect of dairy foods technology and production including:

-microbial genetics
-microbial physiology
-electron microscopy
-protein chemistry


The Center provides expert assistance in these important areas:

-Fluid milk and ice cream
-Fermented products (cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, buttermilk)
-Milk protein chemistry (coagulation, denaturation, separation)
-Food engineering (membrane, extrusion and injection processing)
-Genetics and bioengineering of lactic acid bacteria
-Ultra high temperature and extended shelf life products

Industry Involvement

An Operational Advisory Committee composed of representatives of the dairy industry including dairy food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, dairy farmer associations, and academic researchers provides direction for the Center.

The Center is allied with the finest academic institutions in dairy science.  With headquarters at Utah State University, it has affiliates at Brigham Young University, Oregon State University, and University of Idaho.