General Information

The 18th Biennial Cheese Industry Conference will be held on Tuesday, May 5, 2009. The conference provide the latest information on innovation and low-fat cheese. Leading researchers will present their current work on:

Cheesemakers and researchers will benefit by learning of the latest advances in the enumeration of bacteria in cheese and low-fat cheese technology.


7:45 am: Registration

Session 1: Cheese and Microbiology

8:00 am: Jeff Broadbent
How genomics has advanced our understanding of Lactobacilli and their role in dairy foods

8:45 am: James Steele
The challenge of controlling the microbiota of cheese

9:30 am: Craig Oberg
Probiotic cultures in cheese and the enumeration challenge using selective media

10:15 am: Break

10:30 am: Bart Weimer
Microbial species enumeration in cheese using qPCR

Session 2: Cheese Innovation

11:15 am: Lloyd Metzger
Solving Challenges in manufacture of low fat processed cheese slices

12:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm: MaryAnne Drake
Understanding the flavor challenges of low fat cheese

1:45 pm: Nana Farkye
Strategies for making low fat cheddar cheese

2:30 pm: Donald McMahon
Improving the baking and melting of low fat mozzarella cheese

3:15 pm: Adjourn

4:00 pm: Open House
Western Dairy Center
CA Ernstrom Nutrition and Food Sciences Building, Room 248
750 North 1200 East Logan, UT

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For more details on the conference, including information on how to register, click here to view or download the conference brochure.