Appetite Suppressing Properties of a Peptide From Milk

Principal Investigator:

Deborah R. Gustafson


Donald McMahon
John Morrey

Project Summary:

The purpose of this project is to investigate the effects of a milk protein (caseinomacropeptide, CMP) on the regulation of food intake in humans. It has been suggested that CMP suppresses appetite in humans. If so, the marketability of milk would be greatly improved. Milk, milk products, and other dietary formulations based on milk components, would empirically have a very large market in the United States and the world. National survey data indicate that approximately one-third or 58 million American adults 20 years of age or older are overweight; and the prevalence of overweight continues to increase. The health consequences of overweight and obesity include heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. As a result, obesity is the second leading cause, after cigarette smoking, of preventable deaths in the United States. The increasing trends in overweight, in addition to higher energy intakes, are occurring despite the growing prevalence of fat replacers and no- and low-fat foods sold in American markets, and the interest of Americans in these products. Thus, alternative strategies must be developed to decrease weight and obesity among Americans. One way of accomplishing this goal is through the ingestion of naturally-occurring food substances that decrease food intake. CMP may be one of these substances. The objectives of this project are to determine the short-term effect of CMP on appetite suppression in humans and to identify changes in blood markers that may be associated with satiety following CMP intake.


In preparation: "Appetite is not influenced by a unique milk peptide". Authors: DR Gustafson, DJ MacMahon, J Morrey, and R. Nan. To be submitted to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.



Published Abstract:

"Appetite Suppressing Properties of a Peptide from Milk?". Poster presentation at Nutrition Week 1999, sponsored by the International Dairy Federation and National Dairy Council, October 4-7, 1999, in San Francisco