Process Technology to Improve the Flavor of Heated Milk

Principal Investigator:

Joseph Irudayaraj, Penn State University


Donald McMahon, Utah State University

Project Summary:

Raw milk was pasteurized using plates and steam heat exchangers at Utah State University's dairy pilot plant. The pasteurized milk was then UHT treated using the Electroheating system developed by Raztek Corporation. Two experimental trials were conducted at Raztek Corp. The initial trials were used to set up the process parameters in the Electroheating system for subsequent experiments. Temperatures considered were 135, 145, and 155 deg C. Holding times used were 0.5 and 4 secs. Preliminary volatile flavor tests were conducted and potential volatile compounds were identified. Training of the sensory panel is complete for subsequent sensory analysis. A controlled sensory analysis indicated that the cooked, sour, and stale flavor in the Electroheated samples were much lower than the commercial variety. The protein denaturation in Electroheated milk was less that half of the commercial variety tested.





Published Abstract: