Effect of High Intensity Ultrasound (HIU) of Functional Properties of Whey Proteins

Principal Investigators:  Silvana Martini, Utah State University

Project Summary:

This project will test the hypothesis that high intensity ultrasound (HIU) can improve the functional properties of whey proteins. HIU will be applied to whey protein solutions and the effect of acoustic waves on functional properties crucial to the manufacture of beverages will be evaluated. The functional properties that will be analyzed are: heat stability, clarity/turbidity, and flavor. Different HIU settings (power, duration of the signal) will be tested in combination with several environmental conditions such as protein concentration (to simulate the concentrations found in the whey protein production process) and temperature. HIU treated whey will be analyzed for flavor and exposed to different temperatures to reproduce a hot filling, pasteurized and UHT processing at three pH values and analyzed for clarity/turbidity and solubility. The presence of off-flavors such as overall aroma intensity, cooked, diacetyl, sourness, cucumber, brothy, cardboardy, soapy, bitterness and astringency will be quantified among the treatments and compared to a control whey protein solution (non-HIU treated). The acoustic setting that results in the greater improvement on heat stability and turbidity will be chosen to evaluate the effect of protein concentration on these properties.





Published Abstract:



Martini, S. 2009. Effect of High Intensity Ultrasound (HIU) of Functional Properties of Whey Proteins. Western Dairy Center Annual Meeting. May 6, Utah State University, Logan.