Innovative Approaches for Improving Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese

Principal Investigators: Donald J. McMahon, Utah State University

Project Summary:

Two major limitations of low fat mozzarella cheese will be addressed in this research: its lack
of stretch and excess charring during baking, and its lack of fibrous structure in a snacking
product such as string cheese. Both of these result from the decrease in quantity of available
fat. To address the melting/charring issues, a combination of a directly acidified make
procedure, along with grinding the cheese curd into small particles and mixing in an oil, then
pressing the cheese, will be used to provide free oil in a readily available form that can be
released during baking of the diced cheese. The lack of fiber in a low fat string cheese will be
addressed by manufacturing low fat cheese through to the pasta filata step, and then blending
with the hot cheese mass, a hydrated slurry containing polysaccharides. Then when
combined, the polysaccharide should help form the channels between protein fibers so that
when the mass is extruded it will have the appearance and texture of string cheese.





Published Abstract:



McMahon, D.J. 2009. Innovative Approaches for Improving Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese. Western Dairy Center Annual Meeting. May 6, Utah State University, Logan.


Patent on Low Fat Cheese Manufacture Submitted.