Process Technology to Improve the Flavor of Heated Milk

Principal Investigator: Donald J. McMahon, Utah State University

Project Summary:

A novel Ultra High Temperature (UHT) processing technique called ElectroheatingTM was investigated for producing UHT milk. Two studies were conducted six months apart to determine if there was any seasonal influence of the raw milk on either the protein denaturation due to processing or its sensory characteristics. Protein denaturation in the UHT milk produced by ElectroheatingTM was lower than that found in conventionally processed UHT milk. For Electroheated milk processed at 145�C with a holding time of 1 min the descriptive scores were significantly lower for metallic intensity in both studies and lower for both metallic and cardboard for study 1. Sensory scores by consumer panels rated the ElectroheatedTM milk at a processing temperature of 145�C with 1 sec holding time acceptable while the protein denaturation for this treatment was minimal.





Published Abstract:



Irudayaraj, J., McMahon, D. J., and D. Reznik, 2000. Ohmic heating for UHT milk. Annual Meeting, Institute of Food Technologists, Dallas, Texas, June12-14, 2000 (Abstract 86A-12)