A Dairy Technology and Innovations Laboratory at the Western Dairy Center

Principal Investigators: Donald J. McMahon, Utah State University

Project Summary:

Three value-added cheeses will be developed that address the current trend for
increased health and wellness in relation to foods. These cheeses will incorporate
omega-3 fats, inulin and probiotic cultures that have been shown to have a positive
impact on human health. These cheeses will also contain 50% less fat than regular
cheddar cheese and the ingredients will be added using technology developed at
the Western Dairy Center. In addition to these three cheeses, we will investigate
the development of an additional five to seven other value-added cheese products.

To address the areas of shelf-stable and value-added dairy products, an expert
group will be organized that can bring academic and industry expertise together to
prepare a thorough review of challenges faced, and technologies that can be used
for improving shelf stable milks, and developing value-added milk beverages.
Strategies will be developed for use of microfiltration and other non-enzymatic
technologies, which could be used for making lactose-reduced milk. We will then
develop a mechanism to identify on an ongoing basis, emerging industry needs for
research for value-added milk and cheese.





Published Abstract:

Influence of comminuting curd on curd particle size, moisture contend and
cohesiveness of 50%-reduced fat Cheddar cheese. D.J. McMahon and C.
Brothersen, poster at ADSA Annual Meeting, July 7-11, 2008.

Sensory evaluation of reduced fat cheddar cheese fortified with omega-3 fatty aids for
oxidized, rancid and fishy flavor attributes. J.E Thurgood, et al. ADSA annual
meeting, July 7-11, 2008.