Improving the Flavor of Low Fat Cheese by Using Cultures Not Usually Used When Making Cheddar Cheese and by Adding Flavorings While Cheese is Being Manufactured

Principal Investigators: Donald J. McMahon, Utah State University

Co-Investigators: Jeffrey R. Broadbent, Utah State University

Silvana Martini, Utah State University

Project Summary:

A two pronged approach will be used to investigate ways to get a better flavored low fat
cheese that includes the use of adjunct starter cultures that have been shown to increase, or
provide specific flavor attributes to, the flavor level of other cheeses, as well as direct addition
of complete flavor systems to the cheese curd prior to pressing the curd into a block. For the
culture portion of the study, a variety of cultures will be tested, and the resultant cheese will be
screened for flavor development, and those cheeses that show an improvement in flavor will
be subjected to sensory analysis and those that do not will be discarded. Two sensory tests
will be performed to be obtain a description of the flavor profile, as well obtaining information
on how well consumers like the low fat cheeses. The other part of the study involves working
with flavor companies, and to use their expertise with flavors to obtain a flavoring system that
provides the missing components of cheddar cheese flavor that are needed to produce a low
fat cheese that is liked and acceptable to consumers.





Published Abstract:



McMahon, D.J. 2009. Improve the Flavor of Low Fat Cheese my Adding Innovative Cultures and/or Flavoring Systems. Western Dairy Center Annual Meeting. May 6, Utah State University, Logan.