Molecular basis of cheese melting in relation to proteolysis

Principal Investigator:

Donald McMahon, Utah State University


Jeff Broadbent, Utah State University

Craig Oberg, Weber State University

Project Summary:

We will modify existing methods for monitoring the cleavage of proteins during cheese storage so that we can measure the peptide fragments initially produced from the intact proteins. This method will then be used to examine cheese with different protein breakdown patterns and relate specific protein hydrolysis to how well the cheese melts.  This will tell us what parts of the individual proteins need to be split off to reduce the level of interactions between the proteins, thus allowing them to flow past each other when heated.




Published Abstract:


T.C. Rasmussen, D.J. McMahon, J.R. Broadbent, C.J. Oberg; 2006. Influence of adjunct cultures and accelerated ripening on texture and melting properties of Cheddar cheese.  ADSA Annual Meeting July 2006.

P.J. Joseph, D.J. McMahon, J.R. Broadbent, C.J. Oberg; 2006. Hydrolysis of caseins in Cheddar cheese: effects of temperature and coagulants. .  ADSA Annual Meeting July 2006