Understanding How Salt Level Influences Perception of Cheese Flavor

Principal Investigators: Donald J. McMahon, Utah State University

Project Summary:

The role of salty taste in flavor profile and acceptance of low fat cheeses will be investigated. It
is possible that salty taste modulates perception of other flavor attributes and such information
is crucial. The primary goal of this study is to investigate this issue. Low fat cheeses with 1 %
salt will be manufactured and aged for 4 months. Following aging cheese will then be divided
into ten portions and sufficient salt added to produce cheese containing 1.0. 1.4. 1.8, 2.2, and
2.6% salt. Since the low fat cheese will still only have a mild flavor, half of the ground cheese
material will also have a cheese flavoring added so as to produce an aged cheese flavor. A
trained descriptive sensory panel will document flavor attributes and intensities of cheeses.
Selected cheeses will subsequently be evaluated for consumer acceptance.





Published Abstract:



McMahon, D.J. 2009. Understanding How Salt Level Influences Perception of Cheese Flavor. Western Dairy Center Annual Meeting. May 6, Utah State University, Logan.