Developing an Extruded Whey Protein Meat Extender Suitable for Use in Coarse-Ground Meat Products

Principal Investigator:

Marie K. Walsh, Utah State University

Project Summary:

Texturized vegetable proteins (TVP) are used extensively in institutional ground meat products as meat extenders. TVP is commonly made by extruding soy protein. Similar processing of whey protein would open new markets for whey protein. There are several that contribute to feasibility of texturizing whey protein via extrusion cooking, these include the type of added starch and extrusion temperature. We have shown that whey proteins can be textured by thermoplastic extrusion for use as meat extenders. The textured whey proteins (TWP) can be used to replace up to 40% of the weight of hamburger patties without affecting consumer acceptance of the product




Effects of pH and calcium level on extrusion-textured whey protein products. A.B. Hale. Utah State University.

Published Abstract:

Temperature, pH and calcium effects on the protein solubility of an extruded whey protein product. A. B. Hale, B. C. Pettee, C. E. Carpenter and M. K. Walsh. 1999 ADSA Annual Meeting, Memphis, TN.

Acceptable usage levels of textured whey proteins in hamburger patties. A.B. Hale, C. Carpenter, and M.K. Walsh. ADSA/ASAS Meeting, Baltimore MD, June 2000.

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