Formulation of extrusion-textured whey products low in carbohydrates

Principal Investigator:

Marie K. Walsh , Utah State University



Project Summary:

Our current research involves the texturization of whey protein concentrate and cornstarch blends to produce different types of extruded whey protein products (fibrous texture for use as a meat extender or meat analog and a puffed snack product).  We would like to investigate the production of extrusion-textured whey-based products that will fit into the current high protein/low carbohydrate consumer market by replacing the cornstarch in our formulation with a high fiber polysaccharide such as oat bran, Benefiber (Novartis) or a non-caloric fiber such as carboxymethylcellulose.  We believe we can replace the cornstarch used to produce whey protein based extrusion-textured meat extender (TWP) and puffed products with a high fiber polysaccharide to produce low carbohydrate/high protein textured whey protein products.



Published Abstract: