Genome finishing of Brevibacterium linens

Principal Investigators: Bart Weimer


Project Summary:

The high quality draft sequence of Brevibacterium linens ATCC9174, DNA, and the sequencing library held by the Joint Genome Institute was transferred to Fidelity Systems (Rockville, MD).  The company is under contract via a special agreement with the LABGC to produce gap-free, polished genome sequences for all 11 genomes.  Once completed the genome will be reannotated, published, and used to design arrays to discover unique gene expression patterns associated with fermented dairy products.  Dr. Weimer and his group will provide the needed materials and work with Fidelity Systems to assist in gap filling and annotation.  Once the gaps are filled and annotation is done, the data will be returned to Drs. McKay and Weimer for further curation of the annotation and for use in experiments directly related to cheese safety and flavor.  This sequence will be used for experiments to understand the genetics, physiology, and role of this organism in producing safe and flavorful products.



Published Abstract: