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The Western Historical Quarterly strives to be a congenial home for the study and teaching of all aspects of North American Wests, frontiers, homelands, and borderlands. Our mission is to cultivate the broadest appreciation of this diverse history.
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WHQ Articles in Back Issues, 1980 - 1989
Vols. XI - XX

Volume XI
Number 1 (January 1980)

  • "Why Lyndon?,” by Joe B. Frantz
  • "Early Dakota Migration and Inter-tribal War: A Revision,” by Gary Clayton Anderson
  • "'We are more truly heathen than the natives': John G. Brady and the Assimilation of Alaska's Tlingit Indians,” by Ted C. Hinckley
  • "Equal Rights and the 'Heathen 'Chinee': Black Activism in San Francisco,” by Leigh Dana Johnsen
Number 2 (April 1980)
  • "The Strategy of Railway Abandonment: The Great Northern in Washington and British Columbia, 1917-1935,” by David C. Jones
  • "Marriage and Settlement Patterns of Rocky Mountain Trappers and Traders,” by William R. Swagerty
  • "Beneath the Hood and Robe: A Socio-economic analysis of Ku Klux Klan Membership in Denver, Colorado, 1921-1925,” by Robert A. Goldberg
Number 3 (July 1980)
  • "Political Culture on the Plains,” by Daniel J. Elazar
  • "The Election of 1916: Realigning the Rockies,” by David Sarasohn
  • "On Modernizing Frederick Jackson Turner: The Historiography of Regionalism,” by Richard Jensen
Number 4 (October 1980)
  • "The Frontier Sweeps Northwest: American Perceptions of the British American Prairie West at the Point of Canadian Expansion (Circa 1870),” by James G. Snell
  • "The Golden Age of Dredging: The Development of an Industry and Its Environmental Impact,” by Clark C. Spence
  • "Images of the American West in Rock Music,” by Richard Aquila
Volume XII
Number 1 (January 1981)
  • "Tribalism Rejuvenated: The Native American since the Era of Termination,” by William T. Hagan
  • "The Independent Women of Hispanic New Mexico, 1821-1846,” by Janet Lecompte
  • "Off the White Road: Seven Nebraska Indian Societies in the 1870s --A Statistical Analysis of Assimilation, Population, and Prosperity,” by Clyde A. Milner II
Number 2 (April 1981)
  • "Failure of a Frontier Institution: The Secular Church in the Borderlands Under Independent Mexico, 1821-1846,” by David J. Weber
  • "Oregon in the 1820s: The Congressional Perspective,” by Barbara Cloud
  • "Epics, Science, and the Lost Frontier: Texas Historical Writing, 1836-1936,” by Stephen Stagner
Number 3 (July 1981)
  • "Ray Allen Billington (1903-1981),” by Martin Ridge
  • "General Sherman and the Navajo Treaty of 1868: A Basic and Expedient Misunderstanding,” by John L. Kessell
  • "Hacks and Derelicts Revisited: The American Territorial Judiciary, 1789-1959,” by Kermit L. Hall
  • "Montana Business and Canadian Regionalism in the 1870s and 1880s,” by James M. Francis
  • COMMUNICATIONS  "Dredging's Golden Age: Did the Fox Guard the Chickens?,” by Don Chaput
  • "Brer Fox in the Hen House: A Reply,” by Clark C. Spence
Number 4 (October 1981)
  • "Prince Maximillan and New Maps of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers by William Clark,” by W. Raymond Wood and Gary E. Moulton
  • "Outlaw Gangs of the Middle Border: American Social Bandits,” by Richard White
  • "Westward Expansion and the End of American Exceptionalism: Sumner, Turner, and Webb,” by Donald K. Pickens
  • "School District 37: Prairie Community,” by Wayne E. Fuller
Volume XIII
Number 1 (January 1982)
  • "Making Use of the Frontier and the American West,” by Vernon Carstensen
  • "The 'Winters' Decision and Indian Water Rights: A Mystery Reexamined,” by Norris Hundley, Jr.
  • "World War II and a Western Town: The Internment of the Japanese Railroad Worker" of Clovis, New Mexico by John J. Culley
Number 2 (April 1982)
  • "Genesis of the Frontier Presidio in North America,” by Philip Wayne Powell
  • "Populism in the Mountain West: A Mainstream Movement,” by Robert W. Larson
  • "Gifford Pinchot Men: Pacific Northwest Lumbermen and the Conservation Movement, 1902-1910,” by Robert E. Ficken
Number 3 (July 1982)
  • "'Hardly a Farm House --A Kitchen without Them': Indian and White Household" on the California Borderland Frontier in 1860,” by Albert L. Hurtado
  • "Educating Indian Girls at Nonreservation Boarding Schools, 1878-1920,” by Robert A. Trennert
  • "What I Did for Love --of Editing,” by Donald Jackson
Number 4 (October 1982)
  • "Protest in a Promised Land: Unemployment, Disinheritance, and the Origin of Labor Militancy in the Pacific Northwest, 1885-1886,” by Carlos A. Schwantes
  • "W.P. Webb's Divided We Stand: A Publishing Crisis,” by Walter Rundell, Jr.
  • "Romance and Reality on the American Frontier: Views of Army Wives,” by Sandra L. Myres
Volume XIV
Number 1 (January 1983)
  • “They Also Serve Who Wait,” by Mary Lee Spence
  • "'A Picture Gallery Unrivalled of its Kind': Blackwood's American Frontier and the Idea of Democracy,” by Stephen Tatum
  • "Voters and Parties in the Western States, 1876-1900,” by Paul Kleppner
Number 2 (April 1983)
  • "Walter Rundell, Jr.,” by William T. Hagan
  • "Heathens and Angels: Childhood in the Rocky Mountain Mining Towns,” by Elliott West
  • "Integration, Exclusion, or Segregation? The 'Color Line' in Kansas, 1878-1900,” by Randall B. Woods.
Number 3 (July 1983)
  • "Tecumseh, The Shawnee Prophet, and American History: A Reassessment,” by R. David Edmunds
  • "The Desert Shall Blossom: North African Influence on the American Southwest,” by Charles C. Colley
  • "Lost Dreams and Found Fortunes: Mexican and Anglo Immigrants in South Texas, 1850-1900,” by Arnoldo De Leon and Kenneth L. Stewart
  • "Hay Making: The Mechanical Revolution on the Western Range,” by James A. Young
Number 4 (October 1983)
  • "Gateway to the Grasslands: Sioux City and the Missouri River Frontier,” by William Silag
  • "Water Rights during the California Gold Rush: Conflicts over Economic Points of View,” by Douglas R. Littlefield
  • "Like Swallows at the Old Mission: Mexicans and the Racial Politics of Growth in Los Angeles in the Interwar Period,” by Douglas Monroy
Volume XV
Number 1 (January 1984)
  • "American Indian Policy in the Twentieth Century,” by Francis Paul Prucha
  • "Regionalism and the Great Plains: Problems of Concept and Method,” by Frederick C. Luebke
  • "The Lost Dream: Businessmen and City Planning in Portland, Oregon, 1903-1914N by Manuel G. Blackford
Number 2 (April 1984)
  • "Western History Association Prize Recipient, 1983: Robert G. Athearn"
  • "'Hayseed Socialism' on the Hill: Congressional Populism, 1891--1895,” by Gene Clanton
  • "Skiing at Camp Hale: Mountain Troops during World War II,” by Jack A. Benson
  • "Know-Nothings and Indians: Strange Bedfellows?,” by Dale T. Knobel
Number 3 (July 1984)
  • "The American Southwest: An Urban View,” by Bradford Luckingham
  • "The Came of Spotted Hawk and Little Whirlwind: An American Indian Dreyfus Affair,” by Orlan J. Svingen
  • "Progressivism and the Social Gospel in Wyoming: The Antigambling Act of 1901 as a Test Case,” by William Howard Moore
Number 4 (October 1984)
  • "Canadian American Land Policy Decisions, 1930,” by Paul W. Gates and Lillian F. Gates
  • "Quantitative History in the American Southwest: A Survey and Critique,” by Richard Griswold del Castillo
  • "The Specter of a Savage: Rumors and Alarmism on the Overland Trail,” by Glenda Riley
Volume XVI
Number 1 (January 1985)
  • "Laughter and History: Humorous Fiction of the American West,” by C. L. Sonnichsen
  • "Western History Association Prize Recipient, 1984: Leonard J. Arrington"
  • "Tradition and Challenge in Western Historiography,” by Rodman W. Paul and Michael P. Malone
  • "Segregation of Mexican Children in a Southern California City: The Legacy of Expansionism and the American Southwest,” by Gilbert G. Gonzalez
Number 2 (April 1985)
  • "Administrative Reform in Indian Affairs,” by Paul Stuart
  • "The Last Hurrah of Christian Humanitarian Indian Reform: The Board of Indian Commissioners 1909-1918,” by Henry E. Fritz
  • "Building toward Self-Determination Plains and Southwestern Indians in the 1940" and 1950s,” by Peter Iverson
  • "Stride toward Freedom: The Relocation of Indians to Cities, 1952-1960,” by Kenenth R. Philp
Number 3 (July 1985)
  • "Farmers, Ranchers, and Stockmen of the Flint Hills,” by Thomas D. Isern
  • "Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Railroad Work Force: The Case of the Far Northwest, 1883-1918,” by W. Thomas White
  • "Argonauts and the Overland Trail Experience: Method and Theory,” by David Rich Lewis
  • "The West Adapts the Automobile: Technology, Unemployment, and the Jitney Phenomenon of 1914-1917,” by Charlos A. Schwantes
Number 4 (October 1985)
  • "Women and Men in Western History: A Stereoptical Vision,” by Susan Armitage
  • "The Landless Man and the Manless Land,” by Clark C. Spence
  • "The Social Context of Forestry: The Pacific Northwest in the Twentieth Century,” by William G. Robbins
  • "Acculturation or Assimilation: Mexican Immigrants in Kansas, 1900 to World War II,” by Robert Oppenheimer
Volume XVII
Number 1 (January 1986)
  • "The West: Past, Present, and Future,” by Gene M. Gressley
  • "Chinese in Trouble: Criminal Law and Race on the Trans-Mississippi West Frontier,” by John R. Wunder
  • "Neither White nor Red: White Renegades on the American Indian Frontier,” by Colin G. Calloway
Number 2 (April 1986)
  • "Western History Association Prize Recipient, 1985: John C. Ewers"
  • "Finding the Way Home: Spanish Exploration of the Round-Trip Route across the Pacific Ocean,” by Harry Kelsey
  • "Prosperity's Prophet: Henry J. Kaiser and the Consumer/Suburban Culture, 1930-1950,” by Mark S. Foster
  • "Indian Intransigency in Kansas: Government Bureaucracy vs. Mokohoko's Sacs and Foxes,” by Joseph B. Herring
Number 3 (July 1986)
  • "Women and the West: Rethinking the Western History Survey Course,” by William Cronon, Howard R. Lamar, Katherine G. Morrissey, and Jay Gitlin
  • "Indians, Hispanos, and Land Reform: A New Deal Struggle in New Mexico,” by David H. Dinwoodie
Number 4 (October 1986)
  • "Much to Celebrate: The Western History Association's Twenty--Fifth Birthday,” by Howard R. radar
  • "From Scout to Doughboy: The National Debate Over Integrating American Indians into the Military, 1891-1916,” by Michael L. Tate
  • "Western Mystic: Bob Nolan and His Songs,” by Kenneth J. Bindas
Volume XVII
Number 1 (January 1987)
  • "Failure on the Last Frontier: A Family Chronicle,” by Gilbert C. Fite
  • "Enterprise and Equity: A Critique of Western Water Law in the Nineteenth Century,” by Donald J. Pinani
  • "The Concept of the Wageworkers' Frontier: A Framework for Future Research,” by Carlos A. Schwantes
Number 2 (April 1987)
  • "Western History Association Prize Recipient, 1986: Paul Wallace Gates”
  • "New Went, True West: Interpreting the Region's History,” by Donald Worster
  • "Revisiting the Vanishing Frontier: The Legacy of Frederick Jackson Turner,” by William Cronon
  • "Opportunity and the Frontier: Wealthholding in Twenty-six Northern California Counties, 1848-1880,” by Robert A. Burchell
Number 3 (July 1987)
  • "If She Be Content: The Development of Montana Divorce Law, 1865-1907,” by Paula Petrik
  • "The Bone in the Throat: Orson Pratt and the Public Announcement of Plural Marriage,” by David J. Whittaker
  • "Another Generation of Urban Reformers: Los Angeles in the 1930s,” by Tom Sitton
Number 4 (October 1987)
  • "A Went That Failed: The Dream of Charles Francis Adams II,” by Paul C. Nagel
  • "From Rule of Thumb to Scientific Range Management: The Case of the Intermountain Region of the Forest Service,” by Thomas G. Alexander
  • "The 'Magic Mirror' and the Promise of Western Legal History at the Bicentennial of the Constitution,” by Kermit L. Hall
Volume XIX
Number 1 (January 1988)
  • "Frederick Jackson Turner, Ray Allen Billington, and American Frontier History,” by Martin Ridge
  • "The Subjugation of the Zulu. and Sioux: A Comparative Study,” by James Gump
  • "Dillon S. Myer and the Advent of Termination: 1950-1953,” by Kenneth R. Philp
Number 2 (May 1988)
  • "Western History Association Prize Recipient, 1987: Francis Paul Prucha"
  • "The Japanese Image of the American West,” by Yasuo Okada
  • "'No Less a Man': Blacks in Cow Town Dodge City, 1876-1886,” by C. Robert Haywood
  • "Business Strategy and Practice in the Early Republic: John Jacob Astor and the American Fur Trade,” by John D. Haeger
Number 3 (August 1988)
  • "To Loosen the Safety Valve: Eastern Workers and Western Lands,” by William F. Deverell
  • "’Rewards, Bounty Hunting, and Criminal Justice in the West’ 1865-1900,” by Stuart H. Traub
  • "The Significance of Public History in the American West: An Essay and Some Modest Suggestions,” by Albert L. Hurtado
Number 4 (November 1988)
  • "The Heroic Ride in Western Popular Historical Tradition,” by Barbara Allen
  • "A Comparative Approach to Western Religious History: Texas As a Case Study, 1845-1890,” by Linda K. Pritchard
  • "Urban Indians and Ethic Choices: American Indian Organizations in Minneapolis, 1920-1950,” by Nancy Shoemaker
Volume XX
Number 1 (January 1989)
  • "What Kind of Animal Be This?,” by Sandra L. Myres
  • "Still in Chains: Black Women in Western Prisons, 1865-1910,” by Anne M. Butler
  • "The Leviathan With Tentacles of Steel: Railroads in the Minds of Kansas Populists,” by Thomas Frank
Number 2 (May 1989)
  • "Western History Association Prize Recipient, 1988: Robert M. Utley”
  • "'A Regular Ding-Dong Fight': Agency Culture and Evolution in the NPS-USFS Dispute, 1916-1937,” by Hal K. Rothman
  • "Utopia, Reality, and Irrigation: The Plight of the Fort Lyon Canal Company in the Arkansas River Valley,” by James E. Sherow
  • "A 'Work in Progress': The Emergence of Indian History as a Professional Field,” by Donald L. Parman and Catherine Price
Number 3 (August 1989)
  • "Historians and the Northwest Ordinance,” by R. Douglas Hurt
  • "National Monuments to National Parks: The Use of the Antiquities Act of 1906,” by Robert W. Righter
  • "'The Legacy of Conquest' by Patricia Nelson Limerick: a Panel of Appraisal,” by Donald Worster, Susan Armitage, Michael P. Malone, David J. Weber, and Patricia Nelson Limerick
Number 4 (November 1989)
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