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The Western Historical Quarterly strives to be a congenial home for the study and teaching of all aspects of North American Wests, frontiers, homelands, and borderlands. Our mission is to cultivate the broadest appreciation of this diverse history.
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WHQ Articles in Back Issues, 2010 - present
Vols. XLI -

Volume XLI

Number 1 (Spring 2010)

  • "Reconciliation and Restitution in the American West," Sherry L. Smith
  • "Transnationalizing Borderlands History," Ramón A. Gutiérrez and Elliott Young
  • "The Economic Roots of Reaganism: Corporate Conservatives, Political Economy, and the United Farm Workers Movement, 1965–1970,” Todd Holmes

Number 2 (Summer 2010)

  • "Professors and Tycoons: The Creation of Great Research Libraries in the American West," Albert L. Hurtado
  • “‘Light is bursting upon the world’!: White Supremacy and Racist Violence against Blacks in Reconstruction Kansas,” Brent M. S. Campney
  • "Ely Parker and the Contentious Peace Policy," Joseph Genetin-Pilawa
  • Field Notes. "Beyond the Boom/Bust Cycle: Locating Enduring Stories in the Cultural Resources of the West," Leah S. Glaser

Number 3 (Autumn 2010)

  • "Toward Alaska Native Political Organization: The Origins of Tundra Times," Elizabeth James
  • "Pedaling on the Periphery: The African American Twenty-fifth Infantry Bicycle Corps and the Roads of American Expansion," Alexandra V. Koelle
  • "The Jewish Agrarian Diaspora and the Assimilative Power of the Western Land, 1882–1930," Taylor Spence
  • Field Notes, "Black Light Shows and the National Finals Rodeo: Curating Gene Autry’s Cowboy Spectacle," Leisl Carr Childers

Number 4 (Winter 2010)

  • "Making Indian Land in the Allotment Era: Northern California’s Indian Rancherias," Khal Schneider
  • "The Limits of Dress: Chinese American Childhood, Fashion, and Race in the Exclusion Era," Wendy Rouse Jorae
  • “'A more loyal, union loving people can nowhere be found': Squatters’ Rights, Secession Anxiety, and the 1861 “Settlers’ War” in San Jose," Tamara Venit Shelton

Volume XLII
Number 1 (Spring 2011)

  • "'That No Thorn Will Pierce Our Friendship': The Ute-Comanche Treaty of 1786," John R. Wunder
  • "Defining the Pacific Northwest during the New Deal: The Political Construction of a Region and 'Its' River," Eve Vogel
  • "Zebulon Pike and His 'Frozen Lads': Bodies, Nationalism, and the West in the Early Republic," Jared Orsi

Number 2 (Summer 2011)

  • "Drowned Towns in the Cold War West: Small Communities and Federal Water Projects," Bob H. Reinhardt
  • "Homicide Rates in the Old West, " Randolph Roth, Michael D. Maltz, and Douglas L. Eckberg
  • "Directing Nature’s Creative Forces: Climate Change, Afforestation, and the Nebraska National Forest," Joel J. Orth
  • Field Notes, "Mountains and Rivers Without End: Teaching Field Courses in Western History," David Brooks and Greg Gordon

Number 3 (Autumn 2011)

  • "Commentaries on the Past and Future of Western History: Multiple Strands of Inquiry in a (Still) Contested Region," Colleen O'Neill
  • "No More Heroes: Western History in Public Places," Marsha Weisiger
  • "Western History: What’s Gender Got to Do With It?," Margaret Jacobs
  • "The Nature of the West and the World," Mark Fiege
  • "People of Color in the West: A Half Century of Scholarship," Quintard Taylor, Jr.
  • "Currents in North American Indian and U.S. Western Historiography," Ned Blackhawk
  • "Borderlands and the Future History of the American West," Kelly Lytle Hernández
  • “There’s No ‘There’ There”: Reflections on Western Political Historiography," Robert D. Johnston
  • "Western History Forum: Social and Cultural History," Pablo Mitchell
  • "From Homogeneity to Complexity: Understanding the Urban West," María E. Montoya
  • "Western Biographies in Transition," Richard W. Etulain
  • "Western Vistas: Historiography, 1971 to Today," William Deverell
  • Field Notes, "Building a Stronger K–20 Community: Public School Teachers, the Teaching American History Program, and the Western History Association Annual Conference," Daniel J. McInerney

Number 4 (Winter 2011)

  • "The Rise of the House of Leisure: Outdoor Guides, Practical Knowledge, and Industrialization," Annie Gilbert Coleman
  • "Indian or Freedman?: Enrollment, Race, and Identity in the Choctaw Nation, 1896–1907," Jesse T. Schreier
  • "Blacks on Brown: Intra-Community Debates over School Desegregation in Topeka, Kansas, 1941–1955," Charise Cheney
  • Field Notes, "The Path Less Traveled: Life in the History Classroom," Ron Briley

Volume XLIII
Number 1 (Spring 2012)

  • "Facing the Urban Frontier: African History in the Reshaping of the Twentieth-Century American West," Quintard Taylor
  • "Comparing American and Russian Internal Colonization: The 'Touch of Civilisation' on the Sioux and Kazakhs," Steven Sabol
  • "Rock Music and the New West, 1980–2010," by Todd M. Kerstetter
  • Field Notes, "Homestead National Monument of America in the 150th Anniversary of the Homestead Act," Blake Bell

Number 2 (Summer 2012)

  • "Athabascan Village Stores: Subsistence Shopping in Interior Alaska, 1850–1950," John W. Heaton
  • "Border Control and Sexual Policing: White Slavery and Prostitution along the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1903–1910," Grace Peña Delgado
  • "Provisioning the HBC: Market Economies in the British Buffalo Commons in the Early Nineteenth Century," George Colpitts
  • Field Notes, "Finding Rosie: Documenting the World War II Home Front Experience of the American West through Oral History," Samual J. Redman

Number 3 (Autumn 2012)

  • "Onward to the Next Western History," María E. Montoya
  • "The Long Arm of the South?" Tiya Miles
  • "Western History and the Pacific World," Mae M. Ngai
  • "Beyond Loyalties: Reflections on Regional and National Divides in the Study of Race," Moon Ho-Jung
  • "The Native New World and Western North America," Michael Witgen
  • "The Chamizal Blues: El Paso, the Wayward River, and the Peoples in Between" Jeffrey M. Schulze
  • "Marathoner Louis Tewanima and the Continuity of Hopi Running, 1908–1912," Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert

Number 4 (Winter 2012)

  • Editor's Introduction to David J. Weber's "Señor Escudero Goes to Washington," Benjamin H. Johnson
  • "Señor Escudero Goes to Washington: Deplomacy, Indians, and the Santa Fe Trade," David J. Weber
  • "Romancing the Dude Ranch, 1926–1947," Adrienne Rose Johnson
  • "Divided Waters: Heiltsuk Spatial Management of Herring Fisheries and the Politics of Native Sovereignty," Miles Powell
  • "Entry Points and Trailheads: Pondering the History and Future of the William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies," Andrew R. Graybill

Volume XLIV
Number 1 (Spring 2013)

  • "Bolton and Turner:The Borderlands and American Exceptionalism," Albert L. Hurtado
  • "The Civil War and the Origins of the Colorado Territory," Susan Schulten
  • "Chinese Dragon and Eagle of Anáhuac: The Local, National, and International Implications of the Ensenada Anti-Chinese Campaign of 1934," Fredy González

Number 2 (Summer 2013)

  • "A Town Full of Dead Mexicans: The Salinas Valley Bracero Tragedy of 1963, the End of the Bracero Program, and the Evolution of California's Chicano Movement," Lori A. Flores
  • "The Consistency and Inconsistency of Cultural Oppression: American Indian Dance Bans, 1900–1933," Gabriella Treglia
  • "Homing Pigeons, Cheap Labor, and Frustrated Nativists: Immigration Reform and the Deportation of Mexicans from South Texas in the 1920s," John Weber
  • Field Notes, "History and Archaeology: A Match Made in Interdisciplinary Heaven," Christopher W. Merritt and Jacob N. Pollock

Number 3 (Autumn 2013)

  • "Celebrating 'Progress'?: Art, Ambivalence, and Vanessa Helder's Grand Coulee Suite," Victoria Grieve
  • "Managing the 'Priceless Gift': Debating Spanish Language Instruction in New Mexico and Puerto Rico, 1930–1950," Rosina A. Lozano
  • "Inhabiting the Wild: Land Management and Environmental Politics in Big Sur," Shelley Brooks

Number 4 (Winter 2014)

  • "Regulating the Jackals of the Monetary World: Banking and Constitutional Reform in the Antebellum Northwest," Silvana R. Siddali
  • "The Line of Liberty: Runaway Slaves and Fugitive Peons in the Texas-Mexico Borderlands," James David Nichols
  • "¡Medicina Sí Muerte No!: Race, Public Health, and the 'Long War on Poverty' in Mathis, Texas, 1948–1971," Felipe Hinojosa

Volume XLV
Number 1 (Spring 2014)

  • "The American West in the Age of Vulnerability," Donal Worster
  • "A One-Man Relocation Team': Scott Henry Peters and American Indian Urban Migration in the 1930s," Rosalyn LaPier and David R. M. Beck
  • "Trash Fish: Native Fish Species in a Rocky Mountain Trout Culture," Jen Corrinne Brown
  • Field Notes, "First Churches Los Angeles Project: Studying African American Churches in the First Half of the Twentieth Century," Lorn S. Foster

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