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The Western Historical Quarterly strives to be a congenial home for the study and teaching of all aspects of North American Wests, frontiers, homelands, and borderlands. Our mission is to cultivate the broadest appreciation of this diverse history.
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Utah State University 
0740 Old Main Hill
Logan, Utah 84322-0740
phone 435.797.1301
fax 435.797.3899

Photos of Past WHQ Fellows
and other notorious USU graduate students

(in no particular order)

Sean Parulian Harvey, Ellsworth Fellow, 2011-13

Sarah Fassman, Utley Fellow, 2010-12


Andrew Simek, Ellsworth Fellow, 2009-11

Joe N. Lamb, Ellsworth Fellow, 2008-10


Jami Van Huss, Ellsworth Fellow, 2007-09

Adam Luke, Ellsworth Fellow, 2005-07


Sarah B. Murray Noe, Milner/Butler Fellow, 2004-06

Sarah A. Fox,Utley Fellow, 2004-06

Jennifer Holland, Ellsworth Fellow, 2003-05

John Barnes, Utley Fellow, 2002-04

Jesse Schreier, Utley Fellow, 2000-02

Christian P. Peterson, Ellsworth Fellow, 1999-2001


Kyle Bulthuis, Utley Fellow, 1998-2000

Heather Block, Ellsworth Fellow, 1997-99


Michael J. Lansing, Utley Fellow 1996-98 (photo 2004)

Craig Anderson, Steve Ammerman, and Jared Farmer


Steve Ammerman, Ellsworth Fellow, 1993-95

Andrew M. Honker, WHA Fellow, 1992-94

Renée M. Sentilles, Ellsworth Fellow, 1989-91


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