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The Western Historical Quarterly strives to be a congenial home for the study and teaching of all aspects of North American Wests, frontiers, homelands, and borderlands. Our mission is to cultivate the broadest appreciation of this diverse history.
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The History of the WHQ

Memorandum of Understanding between the Western History Association and Utah State University:

"Since the Western History Association seeks to establish a learned quarterly journal in the field of western American history and Utah State Unviersity desires to make a contribution toward the advancement of scholarship in the field of western American history, the Western History Association and Utah State University hereby mutually agree on the publication of a learned journal to be called the Western Historical Quarterly (hereafter referred to as WHQ.) WHQ is to be the official organ of Western History Association and will reflect the interests and research of serious scholars of the history of Western North America (i.e., the United States frontier and regional West, the borderlands of Mexico, and the frontier and western regions of Canada and Alaska). " -15 May 1969

Founded in 1969, the Western Historical Quarterly, official journal of the Western History Association, presents original articles dealing with the North American West—expansion and colonization, indigenous histories, regional studies (including western Canada, northern Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii), and transnational, comparative, and borderland histories. Each issue contains reviews and notices of significant books, as well as recent articles, in the field.

For a discussion of how Utah State University supported establishment of the Western Historical Quarterly and a description of the journal's first decade at USU, see S. George Ellsworth's "Ten Years: An Editor's Report," WHQ 10 no. 4 (October 1979): 421-436. See also David Rich Lewis, "Forty Years of the Western Historical Quarterly,” WHA Newsletter Spring 2009.


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