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Winter 2015

Erik Loomis, “When Loggers Were Green: Lumber, Labor, and Conservation, 1937–1948”
Abstract: From 1937 to 1948, the International Woodworkers of America challenged the timber industry’s forestry practices, attempting to reshape the Northwest’s timber industry to work for the sustainability of logging communities and the forest instead of corporate profits. Their activities demonstrate the long history of unions pressing for the environmental agenda of their members.

John Soares, “Trying to Wear the White Hat: Nixon, the Media, and the Chisum-Charles Manson Embroglio”
Abstract: In August 1970, President Richard Nixon blundered—and drew media fire—when he tried to score political points by contrasting John Wayne’s Chisum with accused murderer Charles Manson. In this episode, both Nixon and the press acted like the complex protagonists common in Western films in the era of the New Gray West.

David Rich Lewis, “Forty-Seven Years: An Editor’s Report and Inventory”
Abstract: An editor’s report on the forty-seven year history of the Western Historical Quarterly at Utah State University.

Field Notes:
María E. Montoya, “Teaching about the West and Water in China”