Volume XLVI - Number 3
Autumn 2015


David Wrobel, “Considering Frontiers and Empires: George Kennan’s Siberia and the U.S. West”
Abstract: This article examines the late nineteenth-century writings of American explorer, travel writer, and journalist George Kennan on Siberian indigenous peoples, the region’s incarceration and exile system, and his early twentieth-century commentary on federal Indian policy. Kennan’s work highlights the possibilities for comparative analysis of the U.S. empire in the Far West and Russia’s far eastern empire.

Jessica Kim, “‘Destiny of the West’: The International Pacific Highway and the Pacific Borderlands, 1929–1957”
Abstract: This article examines the construction of the International Pacific Highway, from Los Angeles to Mexico City, between 1929 and 1957. The highway project created opportunities for tourism, trade, and political alliances far beyond the U.S.-Mexico borderline. Highway promoters constructed an alternative borderland, one that ran north to south along the countries’ shared coastline.

Tim Bowman, “Negotiating Conquest: Internal Colonialism and Shared Histories in the South Texas Borderlands”
Abstract: This essay conceptualizes the post-1848 South Texas borderlands through the internal colonial model. South Texas Mexicans, rather than being the passive victims of domination by a colonial power, actively negotiated their places within the South Texas internal colony, similar to colonized peoples in formal colonial settings throughout world history.

Douglas Seefeldt, “Digital History Reviews: An Introduction”


Book Reviews:

Jacobs, A Generation Removed           Sherry L. Smith         

Woolford, Benvenuto, and Hinton., eds., Colonial Genocide in Indigenous North America           Joel Hyer        

Andersen, “Métis”      Brenda Macdougall  

Britten, The National Council on Indian Opportunity Thomas W. Cowger  

Clemmons, Conflicted Mission            Catherine Denial       

Norrgard, Seasons of Change Erik M. Redix            

Lakomäki, Gathering Together          Dawn Marsh  

Zamir, The Gift of the Face     Alexander Olson        

Simpson and Smith, eds., Theorizing Native Studies Hokulani Aikau         

Smithers and Newman, eds., Native Diasporas        C. Joseph Genetin-Pilwa      

Lee, ed., Diné Perspectives      J. Seth Schermerhorn           

Rodríguez, et al., Our Sacred Maíz Is Our Mother     Erika Perez  

Miner, Creating Aztlán            Karen May Davalos  

Tucker, Dance Floor Democracy       Elizabeth Escobedo   

Espinosa, Latino Pentecostals in America       Felipe Hinojosa          

Green, Mckiernan-González, and Summers, Precarious Prescriptions      Jonathan Ablard       

Flores, Backroads Pragmatists            Luis Alvarez  

Dewey, Pesos and Dollars       Chris J. Castaneda  

Petersen, John Mullan Carlos Schwantes      

Caffey, Chasing the Santa Fe Ring     Gus L. Seligmann      

Goodchild, Jonsen, Limerick, and Longanecker, eds., Higher Education in the American West   Brian S. Collier 

Harline, The Polygamous Wives Writing Club            Amy Harris    

Nelson, Wrecks of Human Ambition    Jim Aton        

Di Stefano, Encounters in Avalanche Country            Kevin Marsh  

Righter, Peaks, Politics & Passion      Robert B. Keiter        

Bramwell, Wilderburbs           Jerry Frank   

Gruen, Manifest Destinations  Susan S. Rugh           

Rich, Fort Worth          Richard Selcer           

Bullock, Coal Wars     Jim Whiteside            

Danbom, Sod Busting  Alexandra Kindell     

Sandul, California Dreaming  Elizabeth Carney      

Marshall, Cultivating Connections      Patricia Roy   


Born Digital Reviews

Seefeldt, Introduction              

Seefeldt, Cody Studies Erin Passehl-Stoddart           

Heppler, Hickcox, Balakrishnan, and Blevins, Geography of the Post       Derek Everett            

Wingo, Homestead Nebraska  Dorothy Garceau-Hagen      

Spatial History Project, Railroaded   Andrew J. Torget      

Cebula, et al., Spokane Historical       Geoff McGhee           

Theodore Roosevelt Center, The Theodore Roosevelt Center’s Digital Library       Brenden W. Rensink            

William F. Cody Archive, The William F. Cody Archive      Erin Passehl-Stoddart