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Beginning in 2011, the Western Historical Quarterly joined JSTOR’s Current Scholarship Program to electronically deliver and preserve both its current and historic content.

Current individual members of the Western History Association will be able to access the entire run of the WHQ through JSTOR. For WHA membership and member access information, contact the WHA at

Institutional subscribers now have the option of receiving the WHQ as paper only, paper and electronic, or as an electronic only subscription. Furthermore, they can obtain WHQ back issues bundled in JSTOR’s archive collections. For institutional subscription information see

In 2013, JSTOR launched JPASS. Any individual who needs access beyond JSTOR’s free limited reading program (Register & Read, can now get their own monthly or annual pass that provides access to 1,500 journals from JSTOR's archive collection. For more information on JPASS, visit

Open Access and Institutional Repository Request Policy

Western Historical Quarterly does not currently allow posting of our content to open-access institutional repositories or private websites for FIVE YEARS from date of original publication, as per contract with our authors. Libraries with institutional subscriptions to the Western Historical Quarterly through JSTOR (3 year moving wall) or JSTOR's Current Scholarship Program may post a link to a WHQ article or review as it appears on JSTOR. In that way, subscribing institutions can direct their users/members to the article/review through their JSTOR subscription to WHQ.