Volume XLVI - Number 2
Summer 2015


Louis S. Warren, "Wage Work in the Sacred Circle: The Ghost Dance as Modern Religion"
Abstract: The Ghost Dance is commonly understood as a backward-looking rejection of modern life. Yet the teachings of the religion often incorporated exhortations to wage labor and other instructions for good living in the reservation era as necessary measures to precipitate the millennium. In reaching backward and forward simultaneously, the Ghost Dance helped resolve contradictions of Indian identity in the post-conquest world.

Jennifer Bess, “The Price of Pima Cotton: The Cooperative Testing and Demonstration Farm at Sacaton, Arizona, and the Decline of the Pima Agricultural Economy, 1907–1920”
Abstract:  Despite the original intent of the cooperative farm established by the Bureau of Plant Industry on the Gila River Reservation, it siphoned economic value from Pima families into the regional economy, revealing the impact of resource depletion and wage labor on the Pima and their strategies of managing socioeconomic change.

Christopher M. Sterba, “’We Built Our Own School’: The Cooperative Preschool Movement in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1940 to the Present”
Abstract:  The experiences of the El Cerrito Preschool Cooperative, founded and led by mothers who had migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area during the Depression and World War II, offer insight into the rise, decline, and partial resurgence of a largely forgotten movement to provide affordable child care and preschool education.
Abstract:  Las experiencias de La Cooperativa Preescolar El Cerrito, fundada y dirigida por madres que emigraron a la bahía de San Francisco durante la Depresión y la Segunda Guerra Mundial, ayudan a comprender el aumento, la disminución, y el resurgimento de un movimiento, en gran parte olvidado, que proporciona cuidado infantil y educación preescolar aseqible.

Sara Dant, “Brigham Young’s ‘All the People’ Quote Quandary”

Abstract: Leonard Arrington and the problematic source citation for an oft-quoted Brigham Young proclamation on communal land and water ownership in Utah.


Book Reviews:

Dillon, The Montana Vigilantes           Lisa Arellano

Albrecht, Rethinking Rural     Jenny Barker-Devine 

Ruffin II, Uninvited Neighbors           Robert Bauman  

Márquez, Democratizing Texas Politics         Brian D. Behnken

Davis, Survival Schools           Kent Blansett 

García, The Chicano Movement        Carlos Kevin Blanton 

Gordon, When Money Grew on Trees           Robert Campbell 

Sioke, Busy in the Cause        Brent M. S. Campney 

Nystrom, Seeing Underground          Albin Cofone 

Wrobel, Global West, American Frontier      Jon T. Coleman 

Laegreid and Mathews, Women on the North American Plains Julie Courtwright 

Hernández, Working Women into the Borderlands           Grace Peña Delgado 

Chapin, Freshwater Passages            S. Matthew DeSpain 

Echeverría, Aztlán Arizona  Paul Espinosa 

Straus, Death of a Suburban Dream Lorn S. Foster

Panich and Schneider, Indigenous Landscapes and Spanish Missions    Jay T. Harrison 

McPherson, Viewing the Ancestors  Maren P. Hopkins

Bremer, A Store Almost in Sight       R. Douglas Hurt 

Davies, The Main Event         Jorge Iber

Parkhurst, To Win the Indian Heart            Todd M. Kerstetter

Mueller, Shooting Arrows and Slinging Mud          Tim Lehman

Gómez-Quiñones and Vásquez, Making Aztlán   Yolanda Chávez Leyva 

Agee, The Streets of San Francisco   Rodger Lotchin 

MacLennan, Sovereign Sugar          James Mak

Markwyn, Empress San Francisco   Bonnie M. Miller  

Guthrie, Recognizing Heritage          Maria E. Montoya

San Miguel Jr., Chicana/o Struggles for Education            Laura K. Muñoz 

Matthews, The Civilizing Machine    Andrew Offenburger

Pycior, Democratic Revewal and the Mutual Aid Legacy of US Mexicans  Cynthia E. Orozco

Parks, The Darkest Period     Jay Precht

Greene, American Carnage   Akim Reinhardt

Molina, How Race is Made in America          Chantel Rodriguez

Schulten, Mapping the Nation          Robert Rundstrom

Goral, Cold War Rivalry and the Perception of the American West            Robert W. Rydell

Langum Sr., Quite Contrary  Clark Secrest

Ball, Tom Horn in Life and Legend    Richard W. Slatta Penny, Kindred by Choice      Christoph Strobel

Armstrong and Nelles, Wilderness and Waterpower        Eve Vogel