Volume XLVI - Number 1
Spring 2015


Margaret Connell-Szasz, “A’ Ghàidhealtachd and the North American West”
Abstract: Sacred land of stories and mythological heroes shaped these indigenous peoples—Gael and Native North American; kinship molded their societies. Resisting colonialism, they shifted the balance of power between Highlands-Lowlands and West-East. Romantic depictions of their regions reshaped other nations’ perceptions of Scotland and North America. These regions symbolize the universality among diverse peoples.
Abstract: B’ e tìr sheunta nan sgeulachdan agus nan gaisgeach uirsgeulach a dhealbhaich na daoine dvthchasach seo—an Gàidheal agus an Tvsanach Ameireaganach; càirdeas a chruthaich an cinidhean. A’strì ri ughdarrasan cèin, ghluais a’ chumhachd eadar a’ Ghàidhealtachd is a Ghallgachd agus eadar an Taoch Siar is an Taobh Sear. Chaid beathdan dhvthchannan eile orra a stèidheachadh air ìomhaighean romansach de dh’Alba is de dh’Ameireaga a Tuath. Than a sgirean seo mar shamhla air coitcheannas am measg shluaghan eadar-mheasgte.

David W. Grua, “’In Memory of the Chief Big Foot Massacre’: The Wounded Knee Survivors and the Politics of Memory”
Abstract: In 1903 the survivors of Wounded Knee erected a monument “In Memory of the Chief Big Foot Massacre” of 1890. The obelisk emerged from the Lakotas’ engagement with the politics of memory, as they protested the official memory—the narrative accepted by the government and dominant society—of the “Battle of Wounded Knee” in compensation claims and in their memorial practices.

Benjamin Lindquist, “Testimony of the Senses: Latter-day Saints and the Civilized Soundscape”
Abstract: Settlers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints employed sound to colonize the Great Salt Lake Basin, audibly establishing control over a putatively inhospitable territory and its native inhabitants. The Mormons used sound as an element of colonization and to eventually project their own “civilized” status back to America’s East Coast.


Book Reviews:

deBuys, A Great Aridness      Mark Fiege 

Farmer, Trees in Paradise     Richard J. Orsi        

Hoffman, Mono Lake John Hart     

Makley, Saving Lake Tahoe   William D. Rowley  

Mergen, At Pyramid Lake      David Bolingbroke  

Dehler, The Most Defiant Devil          Mark Barrow                      

Curtis, Gambling on Ore       Brian James Leech    

Bagley, South Pass     Richard W. Sadler    

O’Brien, Merchants of Independence        Robert Willoughby   

Switzer, The Steamboat Bertrand and Missouri River Commerce     J. Frederick Fausz    

Hightower, Banking in Oklahoma Before Statehood Brian Frehner         

Lee, Sunflower Justice                        James N. Leiker        

Carlson and Glasrud, West Texas    Glen Sample Ely        

Etulain, Lincoln and Oregon Country Politics in the Civil War Era  Robert E. Ficken     

Shelton, A Squatter’s Republic           Glen Gendzel 

Ott, Manufacturing the Modern Patron in Victorian California         Robert J. Chandler 

Street, Jon Lewis        Matt Garcia   

Garcia, Looking Like the Enemy        Fredy González       

Wu, The Color of Success      Joel Miyasaki             

Tamura, In Defense of Justice           Meredith Oda            

Thigpen, Island Queens and Mission Wives   Jennifer Fish Kashay            

Talbot, A Foreign Kingdom   Jeffrey Nichols          

Bahr, Saints Observed                       

Bahr, Banfield, Mendras, O’Dea, Bailey, Four Classic Mormon Village Studies  Matthew C. Godfrey            

Johnson, Hoo-Doo Cowboys and Bronze Buckaroos            Michael N. Searles, Emeritus         

Brode, Dream West    Philip Loy    

Linder, Doc Holliday in Film and Literature Paula Marks  

Perry, Jones, and Morton, Place and Replace         John Sutton Lutz      

Barr and Countryman, Contested Spaces of Early America           Lance R. Blyth        

Pfeifer, Lynching Beyond Dixie         Michelle Kuhl            

Wetherington and Levine, Battles and Massacres on the Southwestern Frontier    Catharine R. Franklin        

Anderson, Ethnic Cleansing and the Indian  Brendan Lindsay      

Marsh, A Lenape among the Quakers           Jean R. Soderlund    

Pinkham and Evans, Lewis and Clark Among the Nez Perce          Rodney Frey  

Waggoner, ed. Levine, Witness         Robert W. Galler Jr. 

Blee, Framing Chief Leschi    Robert H. Keller        

Bahr, The Students of Sherman Indian School           Jean A. Keller            

Kehoe, A Passion for the True and Just         Christian W. McMillen