Volume XLVI - Number 4
Winter 2015


Erik Loomis, “When Loggers Were Green: Lumber, Labor, and Conservation, 1937–1948”
Abstract: From 1937 to 1948, the International Woodworkers of America challenged the timber industry’s forestry practices, attempting to reshape the Northwest’s timber industry to work for the sustainability of logging communities and the forest instead of corporate profits. Their activities demonstrate the long history of unions pressing for the environmental agenda of their members.

John Soares, “Trying to Wear the White Hat: Nixon, the Media, and the Chisum-Charles Manson Embroglio”
Abstract: In August 1970, President Richard Nixon blundered—and drew media fire—when he tried to score political points by contrasting John Wayne’s Chisum with accused murderer Charles Manson. In this episode, both Nixon and the press acted like the complex protagonists common in Western films in the era of the New Gray West.

David Rich Lewis, “Forty-Seven Years: An Editor’s Report and Inventory”
Abstract: An editor’s report on the forty-seven year history of the Western Historical Quarterly at Utah State University.

Field Notes:
María E. Montoya, “Teaching about the West and Water in China”


Book Reviews:

Van Atta, Securing the West Susan Gaunt Stearns 503

Saler, The Settlers’ Empire Walter L. Hixson 504

Binnema, “Enlightened Zeal” Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra 504

Colpitts, Pemmican Empire William A. Dobak 505

Hartmann, Searching for Golden Empires Paul Conrad 506

Herrera, Juan Bautista de Anza William S. Kiser 507

Ebright, Advocates for the Oppressed E. Richard Hart 508

Everett, Creating the American West Steven C. Schulte 509

Hamilton and Hillard, eds., Before the West Was West Keri Holt 510

Varley, Americans Recaptured Lorrayne Carroll 511

Zappia, Traders and Raiders Cynthia Radding 512

Smith, Capture These Indians for the Lord Carol Williams 513

Cothran, Remembering the Modoc War Gray H. Whaley 514

Redix, The Murder of Joe White Cary Miller 515

Dupres, Being Cowlitz Lisa Blee 515

Metcalfe, A Dangerous Idea David Arnold 516

Dunbar-Ortiz, An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States William J. Bauer 517

Hinojosa, Latino Mennonites Marc S. Rodriguez 518

Froese, California Mennonites Peter J. Klassen 519

Fox, Downwind Andrew Kirk 520

Bickers, Red Water, Black Gold Kenna Lang Archer 521

Jung, ed., The Rising Tide of Color Karen J. Leong 522

Goodyear-Ka??pua, Hussey, and Wright, eds.,

A Nation Rising Tracey Banivanua Mar 523

Carr, Hawaiian Music in Motion Sandra Wagner-Wright 524

Haley, Captive Paradise Seth Archer 524

Poblete, Islanders in the Empire Yen Lê Espiritu 525

Andrés, Power and Control in the Imperial Valley Frank P. Barajas 526

Patterson, From Acorns to Warehouses Gilbert Gonzalez 527

Naylor, Frontier Boosters Eric J. Morser 528

Moehring, Reno, Las Vegas, and the Strip Jay Brigham 529

Goodwin, Changing the Game Amy Zanoni 530

Etulain, The Life and Legends of Calamity Jane Ellie Parr 531

Blanton, George I. Sánchez Shana Bernstein 532

VanderMeer, Burton Barr David R. Berman 533

Schmelzer, Our Fighting Governor William J. Atto 534

Moore, Bootleggers and Borders Dominique Brégent-Heald 534

Hawley, A Kennecott Story Sarah Grossman 535

Earl and Mutti Burke, eds., Bleeding Kansas, Bleeding Missouri Lawrence T. McDonnell 536

Spurgeon, Soldiers in the Army of Freedom Christopher B. Bean 537

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