Volume XLV - Number 3
Autumn 2014


Eduardo Contreras, “Voice and Property: Latinos, White Conservatives, and Urban Renewal in 1960s San Francisco”
Abstract: San Francisco’s Mission District residents marshaled divergent perspectives on 1960s urban renewal shaped by class, race, and differences over liberalism. Latinos and their allies in a low-income minority coalition backed redevelopment if allowed to control the program. Middle-class white conservatives opposed it because it threatened their economic interests. The community’s crusade ultimately resulted in triumph and endurance, not disappointment and deracination.

Bethany Hopkins, “'The love of enterprise and Nature was born in the woman': Theodosia Shepherd and the Gendered Garden of California Commercial Horticulture, 1881–1906”
Abstract: This article examines California seed seller Theodosia Shepherd as a case study of how women navigated gender norms to gain acceptance and success in late nineteenth-century commercial horticulture. Shepherd tapped into western boosterism and the women’s movement to expand and question limitations on female fruit and flower growers.

Andrew Offenburger, “When the West Turned South: Making Home Lands in Revolutionary Sonora”
Abstract: This article connects the lives of an American schoolteacher and a young Yaqui girl in Sonora during the Mexican Revolution. It uses the “home lands” framework, first articulated by Virginia Scharff and Carolyn Brucken, to show how settlement and resistance operated through family structures and the making of itinerant home places.


Book Reviews:

Philpott, Vacationland    Kevin C. Armitage

Drake, Loving Nature, Fearing the State    Michael Childers

Frank, Making Rocky Mountain National Park    William Wyckoff

Summitt, Contested Waters    Susan Rhoades Neel

Wishart, The Last Days of the Rainbelt    Pamela Riney-Kehrberg

Mexal, Reading for Liberalism    David Wrobel

Steiner, ed., Regionalists on the Left    Jeff Roche

Coodley, Upton Sinclair    Kevin Mattson

Larson and Larson, Ernest L. Blumenschein    Leah Dilworth

Coronado, A World Not to Come    Sergio M. Martínez

Arreola, Postcards from the Río Bravo Border    Monica Perales

Campbell, Post-Westerns    Leonard Engel

Embry, ed., Oral History, Community, and Work in the American West    Troy Reeves

Rohrbough, Rush to Gold    Christopher Herbert

Smith, Freedom’s Frontier    Tamara Venit Shelton

Mathers, Mitchem, and Haecker, eds., Native and Spanish New Worlds    Lance R. Blyth

Kessell, Miera y Pacheco    Robert D. Martínez

Classen, Early History of the Southwest Through the Eyes of German-Speaking Jesuit Missionaries    Gabriel Martinez-Serna

Richmond and Haynes, eds., The Mexican Revolution    William H. Beezley

Carrigan and Webb, Forgotten Dead    Stephen J. Leonard

Price, Season of Terror    Geoffrey Hunt

Lorence, Palomino    Oliver A. Rosales

Mantler, Power to the Poor    Eric Arnesen

Bhatt and Iyer, Roots and Reflections    Nayan Shah

Cheng, Citizens of Asian America    Chrissy Lau

Cassity, Building Up Wyoming    Catherine Curtiss

Sánchez, Spude, and Gómez, New Mexico    David V. Holtby

Maxwell, Robert Newton Baskin and the Making of Modern Utah    Newell G. Bringhurst

Lull, Civil War General and Indian Fighter James M. Williams    Michèle T. Butts

Graybill, The Red and the White    Jeffrey Ostler

Miller, Claiming Tribal Identity    Thomas W. Cowger

Fixico, Call for Change    Harvey Markowitz

Robinson, I Fought a Good Fight    Victoria Smith

Reese, Trail Sisters    Jesse T. Schreier

Starna, From Homeland to New Land    Jenny Hale Pulsipher

Boyd, Ames, and Johnson, eds., Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia    Jay Miller

Erickson, Canoe Nation    Tina Loo

de Danaan, Katie Gale    Lisa Blee