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Recent Articles Autumn 2000

Agriculture and Ranching

Brown, Stan, “Murder on the Tonto: The 1903 Killing of Sheepherders Wiley Berry and Juan Vigil and Globe’s Last Hanging,” Journal of Arizona History 40 (Autumn 1999): 293--306.

Bryan, Jimmy L., Jr., “‘More Disastrous Than All’: The Surveyors’ Fight, 1838,” East Texas Historical Journal 38, no. 1 (2000): 3--14.

Strom, Claire, “Texas Fever and the Dispossession of the Southern Yeoman Farmer,” Journal of Southern History 66 (February 2000): 49--74.

Volanto, Keith, “Burying White Gold: The AAA Cotton Plow-Up Campaign in Texas,” South Western Historical Quarterly 103 (January 2000): 327--55.


Apperson, George M., “African Americans on the Tennessee Frontier: John Gloucester and His Contemporaries,” Tennessee Historical Quarterly 59 (Spring 2000): 2--19.

Babbitt, James E., “When Hollywood Came to Tuba City: The Filming of Zane Grey’s Sunset Pass,” Journal of Arizona History 40 (Winter 1999): 415--42.

Bloomfield, Susanne George, “‘The Boy’s Mother’: Nineteenth- Century Drug Dependence in the Life of Kate M. Cleary,” Great Plains Quarterly 20 (Winter 2000): 3--18.

Brown, C. Michael, “John K. Hajdukovich and the Tetlin Indians, 1924--1941,” Alaska History 14 (Spring/Fall 1999): 1--29.

Chowder, Ken, “The Father of American Terrorism,” American Heritage 51 (February-March 2000): 81--91.

Grimes, Mary Cochran, “Adversity, Challenge, and Change: The Nebraska Board of control During Governor Cochran’s Administration, 1935--1941,” Nebraska History 80 (Winter 1999): 169--77.

Hutton, Paul Andrew, “Mr. Crockett Goes to Washington,” American History 35 (April 2000): 20--8.

McCroske, Mona Lange, “Henry Brinkmeyer, Baker of Prescott’s Daily Bread: A Photo Essay,” Journal of Arizona History 40 (Autumn 1999): 307--20.

McCullough, A. B., “Gunner Jingo: Thomas Bland Strange, 1831--1925,” Alberta History 48 (Winter 2000): 2--9.

Mansfield, Jennifer S., “‘Yours Fraternally Until Death’: The Civil War Letters of the Brothers Love,” East Texas Historical Journal 38, no. 1 (2000): 53--70.

Pierce, Michael, “The Populist President of the American Federation of Labor: The Career of John McBride, 1880--1895,” Labor History 41 (February 2000): 5--24.

Ronaghan, Allen, “Some Thoughts on Peter Fidler’s Journal of March 1793,” Alberta History 48 (Winter 2000): 14--5.

Seegmiller, Janet Burton, “Walter K. Granger: ‘A Friend to Labor, Industry, and the Unfortunate and Aged’,” Utah Historical Quarterly 67 (Fall 1999): 331--48.

Southworth, John, “Patrick Reddy, Frontier Lawyer,” Dogtown Territorial Quarterly 40 (Winter 1999): 38--45.

Stradley, Scot A., “Senator Lynn Frazier and Federal Agricultural Policy, 1923--1939,” North Dakota History 66 (Summer/Fall 1999): 30--40.

Economics and Labor

Danbom, David B., “Fargo and the Great Depression,” North Dakota History 66 (Summer/Fall 1999): 41--9.

Harner, Ariana, “The Second Time Around: Legal Gambling Returns to Colorado,” Colorado Heritage (Winter 2000): 35--7.

Neill, Robin, “Economic Historiography in the 1950s: The Saskatchewan School,” Journal of Canadian Studies 34 (Autumn 1999): 243--60.

Pickering, Kathleen, “Alternative Economic Strategies in Low-Income Rural Communities: TANF, Labor Migration, and the Case of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation,” Rural Sociology 65 (March 2000): 148--67.

Wells, Miriam J., “Politics, Locality, and Economic Restructuring: California’s Central Coast Strawberry Industry in the Post-World War II Period,” Economic Geography 76 (January 2000): 28--49.


Driscoll, Anne K., “Risk of High School Dropout among Immigrant and Native Hispanic Youth,” International Migration Review 33 (Winter 1999): 857--75.

Garroutte, Eva Marie, “American Indian Science Education: The Second Step,” American Indian Culture and Research Journal 23, no. 4 (1999): 91--114.

Hulan, Renée and Linda Warley, “Cultural Literacy, First Nations and the Future of Canadian Literary Studies,” Journal of Canadian Studies 34 (Fall 1999): 59--86.

Smith, Ken, “The Struggle to Define Higher Education at the University of North Dakota, 1883--1891,” North Dakota History 66 (Summer/Fall 1999): 17--29.


August, Jack L., Jr., “Water, Politics, and the Arizona Dream: Carl Hayden and the Modern Origins of the Central Arizona Project, 1922--1963,” Journal of Arizona History 40 (Winter 1999): 391--414.

Blake, Kevin, “Sacred and Secular Landscape Symbolism at Mount Taylor, New Mexico,” Journal of the Southwest 41 (Winter 1999): 487--509.

Dalstrom, Harl A., and Kay Calamé Dalstrom, “It’s ‘Going Down in History’: The Blizzards of 1949,” South Dakota History 29 (Winter 1999): 263--326.

Harner, Ariana, “The Delicate Salvation of Glenwood Canyon,” Colorado Heritage (Winter 2000): 23--9.

MacLaren, I. S., “Cultured Wilderness in Jasper National Park,” Journal of Canadian Studies 34 (Fall 1999): 7--58.

Pavlik, Steve, “San Carlos and White Mountain Apache Attitudes toward the Reintroduction of the Mexican Wolf to Its Historic Range in the American Southwest,” Wicazo Sa Review 14 (Spring 1999): 129--45.

Sackman, Douglas C., “‘Nature’s Workshop’: The Work Environment and Workers’ Bodies in California’s Citrus Industry, 1900--1940,” Environmental History 5 (January 2000): 27--53.

Udall, Stewart L., “How the Wilderness Was Won,” American Heritage 51 (February/March 2000): 98--105.

Ward, Evan R., “Saline Solutions: Arizona Water Politics, Mexican-American Relations, and the Welton-Mohawk Valley,” Journal of Arizona History 40 (Autumn 1999): 267--92.

White, Richard, “The Nationalization of Nature,” Journal of American History 86 (December 1999): 976--86.

Ethnicity and Race

Abbott, Susan, “Federal Perspective: Interpretations of Mexican American Communities,” Prologue 32 (Spring 2000): 37--45.

Dickson-Gilmore, E. J., “Coming Around: Recent Nim, Choctaw, and Mohawk Ethnohistory,” Ethnohistory 47 (Winter 2000): 241--8.

Kaufmann, Eric, “American Exceptionalism Reconsidered: Anglo-Saxon Ethnogenesis in the ‘Universal’ Nation, 1776--1850,” Journal of American Studies 33, no. 3 (1999): 437--57.

Ronda, James P., “‘We Have a Country’: Race, Geography, and the Invention of Indian Territory,” Journal of the Early Republic 19 (Winter 1999): 739--55.

Sheridan, Richard B., “Charles Henry Langston and the African American Struggle in Kansas,” Kansas History 22 (Winter 1999--2000): 268--83.

Trillo, Mauricio Tenorio, “Stereophonic Scientific Modernisms: Social Science between Mexico and the United States, 1880s--1940s,” Journal of American History 86 (December 1999): 1156--87.

Wallenstein, Peter, “Native Americans are White, African Americans are Not: Racial Identity, Marriage, Inheritance, and the Law in Oklahoma, 1907--1967,” Journal of the West 39 (January 2000): 55--63.


Cleary, Rita, “Charbonneau Reconsidered: A Revisionist Look at the Corps’s Interpreter,” We Proceeded On 26 (February 2000): 18--23.

Moore, Bob, “Pompey’s Baptism: The Christening of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau,” We Proceeded On 26 (February 2000): 10--17.

Volpe, Vernon L., “The Origins of the Frémont Expeditions: John J. Abert and the Scientific Exploration of the Trans-Mississippi West,” Historian 62 (Winter 2000): 245--64.


Barr, Alwyn, “Advancing from History’s Hollow to History’s Mountain: Sources on African American History in Texas,” East Texas Historical Journal 38, no. 1 (2000): 28--34.

Buenger, Walter L., “Texas and the South,” South Western Historical Quarterly 103 (January 2000): 309--24.

Haigh, Jane, “Stephen Foster: Photographing Kantishna River People,” Alaska History 14 (Spring/Fall 1999): 49--55.

Henige, David, “Can a Myth Be Astronomically Dated?” American Indian Culture and Research Journal 23, no. 4 (1999): 127--57.

Journal of the West 39 (January 2000). Special Issue, “Topics in Native American History.”

Nandin Vila, Ma Teresa, “Chicano and African-American Autobiographies: Identities on the Border,” Reden 13 (Año 8, 1997): 17--26.

Pollak, Oliver B., “Fred Morrow Fling: A One-Hundred-Year Retrospective on Historical Methodology,” Nebraska History 80 (Winter 1999): 166--8.

Webster, Anthony, “Lisandro Mendez’s ‘Coyote and Deer’: On Reciprocity, Narrative Structures, and Interactions,” American Indian Quarterly 23 (Winter 1999): 1--24.

Immigration and Settlement

Bjerg, María, “A Tale of Two Settlements: Danish Immigrants on the American Prairie and the Argentine Pampa, 1860--1930,” Annals of Iowa 59 (Winter 2000): 1--34.

Din, Gilbert C., “Captain Francisco Ríu y Morales and the Beginnings of Spanish Rule in Missouri,” Missouri Historical Review 94 (January 2000): 121--45.

Guenther, Todd, “The Burnt Ranch Saga: A History of the Last Crossing of the Sweetwater,” Overland Journal 17 (Winter 1999/2000): 2--32.

Halaas, David F., “A Diary of Drama on the Santa Fe Trail: Susan Shelby Magoffin, 1827--1855,” Colorado History Now (February 2000): 3.

Hawk, Patricia, “The Lyndon Ranch,” Alberta History 48 (Winter 2000): 10--3.

Mitson, Hannah L., “The King-Havenner Bill of 1940: Dashed Hopes for a Jewish Immigration Haven in Alaska,” Alaska History 14 (Spring/Fall 1999): 31--41.

Rozek, Barbara J., “Galvestonians View Immigration, 1875--1914,” East Texas Historical Journal 38, no. 1 (2000): 15--27.


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Native American

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Political and Legal

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