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Recent Articles Autumn 2001

Agriculture and Ranching

Alexander, Thomas G., “The Conservative & Conservation:  Senator Reed Smoot and America’s Public Lands, 1903--1933,”  Beehive History (2000): 22--5.

Bailey, James M., “The Udall Brothers Go to Washington: The Formative Years of Arizona’s Sibling Politicians,” Journal of Arizona History 41 (Winter 2000): 425--64.

Cantrell, Gregg, “A Matter of Character: Stephen F. Austin and the ‘Papers Concerning Robertson’s Colony in Texas,’” Southwestern Historical Quarterly 104 (October 2000): 231--62.

Carmack, Noel A., “Running the Line: James Henry Martineau’s Surveys in Northern Utah, 1860--1882,” Utah Historical Quarterly 68 (Fall 2000): 292--312.

Hudson, Linda S., “Jane McManus Storm Cazneau and the Galveston Bay and Texas Land Company,” East Texas Historical Journal 39, no. 1 (2001): 3--16.

Jordan, Weymouth T., Jr., John D. Chapla, and Shan C. Sutton, “‘Notorious as the Noonday Sun’: Capt. Alexander Welch Reynolds and the New Mexico Territory, 1849--1859,” New Mexico Historical Review 75 (October 2000): 457--510.

Kent, Thomas H., “William Savage: Pioneer Iowa Bird Artist,” Iowa Heritage Illustrated 81 (Summer 2000): 67--86.

Merritt, J. I., “A ‘New’ Portrait of Patrick Gass,” We Proceeded On (February 2001): 26--32.

Pattie, Jane, et al., “Legends of the West,” Persimmon Hill 28 (Winter 2000): 45--76.

Rohrbacher, Richard W. and Francis A., “A Portrait of an Irish Miner During California’s Gold Rush, Carles F. McGuirk,
1834--1911,” Dogtown Territorial Quarterly 43 (Fall 2000): 36--45.

Scott, Kim Allen, and Ken Kempcke, “A Journey to the Heart of Darkness: John W. Wright and the War against the Sioux, 1863--1865,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 50 (Winter 2000):2--17.

Weatherly, Marina Brown, “Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail: A Life Story,” North Dakota Quarterly (Fall/Summer 2000): 229--41.

Economics and Labor

Amundson, Michael A., “Mining the Grand Canyon to Save It:  The Orphan Lode Uranium Mine and National Security,” Western Historical Quarterly 32 (Autumn,2001): 321-45.

Cayton, Andrew R. L., “Artery and Border: The Ambiguous Development of the Ohio Valley in the Early Republic,” Ohio Valley History 1 (Winter 2001): 19--26.

Foran, Max, “Fighting a Losing Battle: Canadian Stockmen and the American Tariffs, 1920--1930,” Agricultural History 74 (Fall 2000): 775-98.

Hise, Greg, “‘Nature’s Workshop’ Industry and Urban Expansion in Southern California, 1900--1950,” Journal of Historical Geography 27, no. 1 (2001): 74--92.

Lee, R. Alton, “The Ill-Fated Kansas Silk Industry,” Kansas History 23 (Winter 2000/2001): 240--55.


Burson, James M., “Middle Rio Grande Regional Water Resource Planning: The Pitfalls and the Promises,” Natural Resources Journal 40 (Summer 2000): 533--67.

Carothers, Steven W., and Dorothy A. House, “Decommissioning Glen Canyon Dam: The Key to Colorado River Ecosystem Restoration and Recovery of Endangered Species?” Arizona Law Review 42, no. 2
(2000): 215--38.

Evenden, Matthew, “Remaking Hells Gate: Salmon, Science, and the Fraser River, 1938--1948,” BC Studies 127 (Autumn 2000): 47--82.

Hinton, Wayne K., “Getting Along: The Significance of Cooperation in the Development of Zion National Park,” Utah Historical Quarterly 68 (Fall 2000): 313--31.

Lovin, Hugh T., “Pipedreams and the Great Dubois Tract,” Idaho Yesterdays 44 (Fall 2000): 20--9.

McFadden, Joseph M., “Barbed Wire: A Story of the West, the East, and American Ingenuity and Entrepreneurship,” Journal of Illinois History 3 (Winter 2000): 285--302.

Nash, Linda, “The Changing Experience of Nature: Historical Encounters with a Northwest River,” Journal of American History 86 (March 2000): 1600--29.

Rourke, Norman Edward, “Bison on the Tallgrass and Warriors on the Hill,” Persimmon Hill 28 (Winter 2000): 34--8.

Wegner, David L., “Looking Toward the Future: The Time Has Come to Restore Glen Canyon,” Arizona Law Review 42, no. 2 (2000): 239--58.

Ethnicity and Race

Bracey, Earnest N., “Anatomy of Second Baptist Church: The First Black Baptist Church in Las Vegas,” Nevada Historical Society Quarterly 43 (Fall 2000): 201--13.

Griswold del Castillo, Richard, “The Los Angeles ‘Zoot Suit Riots’ Revisited: Mexican and Latin American Perspectives,” Mexican Studies 16 (Summer 2000): 367--92.

Ito, Leslie A., “Japanese American Women and the Student Relocation Movement, 1942--1945,” Frontiers 21, no. 3 (2000): 1--24.

Leong, Russell C., “Pacific and Native Hawaiian Studies in Amerasia Journal 1971--2000,” Ameriasia Journal 26, no. 2 (2000):iii--viii.

Okamura, Jonathan Y., “Race Relations in Hawai’i during World War II: The Non-internment of Japanese Americans,” Amerasia Journal 26, no. 2 (2000): 117--41.

Lloyd, Peggy S., “The Howard County Race Riot of 1883,” Arkansas Historical Quarterly 59 (Winter 2000): 353--87.

Rodrigue, John C., “Labor Militancy and Black Grassroots Political Mobilization in the Louisiana Sugar Region, 1865--1868,” Journal of Southern History 67 (February 2001): 115--42.


Journal of the West 40 (Winter 2001). Special issue, “British Immigrants to the North American West.”

Moulton, Gary E., “Lewis and Clark on the Middle Missouri,” Nebraska History 81 (Fall 2000): 90--105.

Woywitka, Anne, “Pioneers in Sickness and in Health,” Alberta History 49 (Winter 2001): 16--20.

Zimmerman, Robert, illustrations by Bruce A. Jamieson, “Escape from the Iroquois,” American History 36 (April 2001): 30--7.

Immigration and Settlement

Hutslar, Donald A., “Campus Martius,” Timeline 18 (January/February 2001): 2--13.

Miller, Jay, “Inflamed History: Violence against Homesteading Indiens in Washington Territory,” North Dakota Quarterly (Summer/Fall 2000): 162--73.

Tate, Michael L., “From Cooperation to Conflict: Sioux Relations with the Overland Emigrants, 1845--1865,” Overland Journal 18 (Winter 2000--2001): 18--31.

Literature and Arts

DeCorey, Anne, “Edgar Beecher Bronson, Nebraska’s  ‘Ranchman,’” Nebraska History 81 (Fall 2000): 106--15.

Deloria, Philip J., “Tell Me About Your Parents: Rereading John Collier’s From Every Zenith,” North Dakota Quarterly (Summer/Fall 2000): 106--21.

Grimes, Richard S., “The Making of a Sioux Legend: The Historiography of Crazy Horse,” South Dakota History 30 (Fall 2000): 277--302.

MacDonald, Scott, “The Filmmaker as Lone Rider: James Benning’s “Westerns,” Western American Literature 35 (Fall 2000):298--335.

Miller, John E., “American Indians in the Fiction of Laura Ingalls Wilder,” South Dakota History 30 (Fall 2000): 303--20.

Potter, James E., ed., “‘I Thought it my Duty to Go’: The Civil War Letters of Thomas Edwin Keen, First Nebraska Volunteer Infantry,” Nebraska History 81 (Winter 2000): 134--69.

Thompson, Jerry, ed., “‘Is This to Be the Glory of Our Brave Men?’: The New Mexico Civil War Journal and Letters of Dr. Henry Jacob ‘Hal’ Hunter,” New Mexico Historical Review 75 (October 2000): 535--604.


Greene, Jerome A., “The Army at the Clearwater: Tactical Victory and Strategic Defeat in the Nez Percé War,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 50 (Winter 2000): 18--31.

Robertson, Robert J., “A Texan At War: Sergeant Travis Moore, U. S. Marine Corps, 1942--1944,” Military History of the West 30 (Fall 2000): 123--54.

Saum, Lewis O., “Private John F. Donohue’s Reflections on the Little Bighorn,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 50 (Winter 2000): 40--53.

Steele, Volney, “Arrow Wounds and the Military Surgeon in the West,” Military History of the West 30 (Fall 2000): 155--70.

Truss, Ruth Smith, “Progress Toward Professionalism: The Alabama National Guard on the Mexican Border, 1916--1917,” Military History of the West 30 (Fall 2000): 97--122.

Native American

Barman, Roderick J., “Packing in British Columbia: Transport on a Resource Frontier,” Journal of Transportation History 21(September 2000): 140--66.

Bray, Kinglsey M., “The Oglala Lakota and the Establishment of Fort Laramie,” Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly 36 (Winter2000): 3--18.

Crawford, John C., “Is Bilingual Education Feasible? The Future of the Ojibwa and Michif Languages in North Dakota,” North Dakota Quarterly (Summer/Fall 2000): 203--12.

Elliott, Jack D., Jr., “The Plymouth Fort and the Creek War:  A Mystery Solved,” Journal of Mississippi History 62 (Winter 2000): 329--70.

Gagnon, Gregory, “Absent by Mistake: The American Indian Experience,” North Dakota Quarterly (Summer/Fall 2000): 316--21.

Grytz, Gerhard, “Culture in the Making: The Yavapé of Central Arizona, 1860--1935,” American Indian Culture and Research Journal 24, no. 3 (2000): 111--30.

Haynal, Patrick, “Termination and Tribal Survival: The Klamath Tribes of Oregon,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 101 (Fall 2000): 271--301.

Hurt, Douglas A., “Brothers of Influence: Auguste and Pierre Chouteau and the Osages before 1804,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 78 (Fall 2000): 260--77.

Kelleher, Michael, “The Removal of the Southeastern Indians:  Historians Respond to the 1960s and the Trail of Tears,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 78 (Fall 2000): 346--53.

Marecic, Charles J., “Nunavut Territory: Aboriginal Governing in the Canadian Regime of Governance,” American Indian Law Review 24 (1999--2000): 275--96.

Mathes, Valerie Sherer, “Ponca Chief Standing Bear: catalyst for Indian Policy Reform,” South Dakota History 30 (Fall 2000):  249--76.

O’Brien, Greg, “The Conqueror Meets the Unconquered: Negotiating Cultural Boundaries on the Post-Revolutionary Southern Frontier,” Journal of Southern History 67 (February 2001): 39--72.

Prucha, Francis Paul, “America’s Indians and the Federal Government, 1900 to 2000,” Wisconsin Magazine of History 84 (Winter 2000--2001): 24--37.

Reddick, SuAnn M., “The Evolution of Chemawa Indian School: From Red River to Salem, 1825--1885,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 101 (Winter 2000): 444--65.

Political and Legal

Barker, Neil, “Portland’s Works Progress Administration,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 101 (Winter 2000): 414--41.

Bellais, Leslie, “No Idle Hands,” Wisconsin Magazine of History 84 (Winter 2000--2001): 48--56.

Gower, Patricia E., “The Price of Exclusion: Dallas Municipal Policy and Its Impact on African Americans,” East Texas Historical Journal 39, no. 1 (2001): 43--54.

Kellog, Deren Earl, “‘Slavery Must Die’: Radical Republicans and the Creation of Arizona Territory,” Journal of Arizona History 41 (Autumn 2000): 267--88.

Kellog, Deren Earl, “Lincoln’s New Mexico Patronage: Saving the Far Southwest for the Union,” New Mexico Historical Review 75 (October 2000): 511--34.

Lowitt, Richard, “The Oklahoma Panhandle 1907 to 1930: An American Outback,” Agricultural History 74 (Summer 2000): 648--66.

Putman, John, “A ‘Test of Chiffon Politics’: Gender Politics in Seattle, 1897--1917,” Pacific Historical Review 69 (November 2000): 595--616.

Saunt, Claudio, “Taking Account of Property: Stratification among the Creek Indians in the Early Nineteenth Century,” William and Mary Quarterly 57 (October 2000): 733--60.

Siegel, Richard Lewis, “Nevada among the States: Converging Public Policies,” Nevada Historical Society Quarterly 43 (Fall 2000): 214--62.


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Brown, Kate, “Gridded Lives: Why Kazakhstan and Montana are Nearly the Same Place,” American Historical Review 106 (February 2001): 17--48.

Ferguson, Cheryl Caldwell, “River Oaks: 1920s Suburban Planning and Development in Houston,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly 104 (October 2000): 191--230.

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Vaught, David, “State of the Art---Rural History, or Why Is There No Rural History of California?” Agricultural History 74 (Fall 2000): 759--74.

Spanish Borderlands

Crossley, Rod, “War on the Border,” La Posta 31 (December 2000--January 2001): 49--57.

Ledbetter, John, “Fighting Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Mexico: Popular Protest against Diplomatic Decisions,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly 104 (January 2001): 387--416.

Natural Resources Journal 40 (Fall 2000). Special issue.  “Water Issues in the U. S.--Mexico Borderlands,” edited by Kate A. Berry.


Decker, Stefanie, “Women in the Civil Rights Movement: Juanita Craft Versus the Dallas Elite,” East Texas Historical Journal 39, no. 1 (2001): 33--42.

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Thompson, D. Claudia, “Amalia and Annie: Women’s Opportunities in Cheyenne in the 1870s,” Annals of Wyoming 72 (Summer 2000): 2--9.

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