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Recent Articles Autumn 2003

Agriculture, Ranching, and Rural Life

Ayres, James E., “Agua Caliente: The Life of a Southern Arizona Ranch,” Journal of Arizona History 43 (Winter 2002): 309--42.

Reisner, Ann, “Newspaper Construction of a Moral Farmer,” Rural Sociology 68 (March 2003): 46--63.

Rivera, José A., “Restoring the Oldest Water Right in Texas: The Mission San Juan Acequia of San Antonio,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly 56, no. 3 (2003): 367--95.

Willard, Barbara E., “The American Story of Meat: Discursive Influences on Cultural Eating Practice,” Journal of Popular Culture 36 (Summer 2002): 105--18.

Business and Economics

Anfinson, John O., “Spiritual Power to Industrial Might: 12,000 years at St. Anthony Falls,” Minnesota History 58 (Spring/Summer 2003): 252--68.

Roberts, Kate, and Barbara Caron, “‘To the Markets of the World’: Advertising in the Mill City, 1880--1930,” Minnesota History 58 (Spring/Summer 2003): 308--19.

Smith, Edgar C., “Gunny Sacks Galore,” California Territorial Quarterly no. 52 (Winter 2002): 18--36.

Community and Urban

Bubb, Daniel, “McCarran International and Phoenix Sky Harbor International: Airport Expansion, Tourism, and Urbanization in the Modern Southwest,” Nevada Historical Society Quarterly 45 (Winter 2002): 125--42.

Gundy, Lloyd W., “Of Mines and Men: Stories Told by Early Records of the Colorado Mining Districts,” Colorado Heritage (Winter 2003): 38--47.

Lazar, Robert J., “Jewish Communal Life in Fargo, North Dakota: The Formative Years, 1881--1917,” Western States Jewish History 35 (Winter 2003): 175--84.

Ochsner, Jeffrey Karl, and Dennis Alan Andersen, “After the Fire: Architect H. H. Richardson’s Influence on Post-fire Seattle,” Columbia 17 (Spring 2003): 7--15.

Stewart, Ada Hall, “Early History of Plateau Valley, Colorado, and Pioneer Life of the First Settlers, as Related by Them or Their Near Relatives,” Journal of the Western Slope 15 (Fall 2000): 1--45.

Wei, William, “History and Memory: The Story of Denver’s Chinatown,” Colorado Heritage (Autumn 2002): 3--16.


Bach, Andrew, “Snowshed Contributions to the Nooksack River Watershed, North Cascade Range, Washington,” Geographical Review 92 (April 2002): 192--212.

Blake, Kevin S., “Colorado Fourteeners and the Nature of Place Identity,” Geographical Review 92 (April 2002): 155--79.

Flournoy, Alyson C., “In Search of an Environmental Ethic,” Columbia Journal of Environmental Law 28, no. 1 (2003): 63--118.

Garrish, Christopher, “Unscrambling the Omelette: Understanding British Columbia’s Agricultural Land Reserve,” BC Studies no. 136 (Winter 2002/03): 25--55.

Layman, William D., “River of Memory: What Was the Columbia Like before the Dams?” Columbia 17 (Spring 2003): 17--24.

Lichtenstein, Mark E., and Claire A. Montgomery, “Biodiversity and Timber in the Coast Range of Oregon,” Land Economics 79 (February 2003): 56--73.

Nash, Linda, “Finishing Nature: Harmonizing Bodies and Environments in Late-Nineteenth Century California,” Environmental History 8 (January 2003): 25--52.

Sweet, John R., “Men and Varmints in the Gila Wilderness, 1909--1936: The Wilderness Ethics and Attitudes of Aldo Leopold, Ben Lilly, J. Stokley Ligon, and Albert Pickens towards Predators,” New Mexico Historical Review 77 (Fall 2002): 369--97.

Williams, Mark W., Mark V. Losleben, and Hillary B. Hamann, “Alpine Areas in the Colorado Front Range as Monitors of Climate Change and Ecosystem Response,” Geographical Review 92 (April 2002): 180--91.

Ethnicity and Race

Alter, Peter T., “Chicago’s Global Communities,” Chicago History 31 (Spring 2003): 42--55.

Azuma, Eiichiro, “The Politics of Transnational History Making: Japanese Immigrants on the Western ‘Frontier’, 1927--1941,” Journal of American History 89 (March 2003): 1401--1430.

Blanton, Carlos Kevin, “From Intellectual Deficiency to Cultural Deficiency: Mexican Americans, Testing, and School Policy in the American Southwest, 1920--1940,” Pacific Historical Review 72, no. 1 (2003): 39--62.

de la Garza, Rodolfo O., and Muserref Yetim, “The Impact of Ethnicity and Socialization on Definitions of Democracy: The Case of Mexican Americans and Mexicans,” Mexican Studies 19 (Winter 2003): 81--104.

Gustafson, Anita Olson, “North Park: Building a Swedish Community Chicago,” Journal of American Ethnic History 22 (Winter 2003): 31--49.

Nusz, Nancy, and Gabriella Ricciardi, “Our Ways: History and Culture of Mexicans in Oregon,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 104 (Spring 2003): 110--23.

Rodriguez, Marc Simon, “A Movement Made of ‘Young Mexican Americans Seeking Change’: Critical Citizenship, Migration, and the Chicano Movement in Texas and Wisconsin, 1960--1975,” Western Historical Quarterly 34 (Autumn 2003): 275--300

Wang, Wensheng, “The First Chinese in Tucson: New Evidence on a Puzzling Question,” Journal of Arizona History 43 (Winter 2002): 369--80.

Wertheimer, Andrew B., “Admitting Nebraska’s Nisei: Japanese American Students at the University of Nebraska, 1942--1945,” Nebraska History 83, no. 2 (2002): 58--72.

Gender and Sexuality

Blakesley, Katie Clark, “‘Save ‘em, Wash ‘em, Clean ‘em, Squash ‘em’: The Story of the Salt Lake City Minute Women,” Utah Historical Quarterly 71 (Winter 2003): 36--51.

Guenther, Todd, Erin Hammer, and Fred Chaney, “The Women Who Carried the Star of Empire Westward: Eliza Spalding & Narcissa Whitman Catalyzed the Great Migration & Launched the American Future,” Overland Journal 20 (Winter 2002/2003): 130--51.

Laegreid, Renee M., “Rodeo Queens at the Pendleton Round-Up: The First Go-Round, 1910--1917,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 104 (Spring 2003): 6--23.

Lo Vecchio, Janolyn, “‘Give Us the Chance to Go All the Way’: The Struggle of Arizona Women to Sit on Juries, 1921--1945,” Journal of Arizona History 43 (Winter 2002): 343--68.

Rozinek, Erika, “Trembling for the Nation: Illinois Women and the Election of 1860,” Journal of Illinois History 5 (Winter 2002): 309--24.

Historiography and Bibliography

Chaplin, Joyce E., “Expansion and Exceptionalism in Early American History,” Journal of American History 89 (March 2003): 1431--62.

DeLeón, Arnoldo, “Whither Tejano History: Origins, Development, and Status,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly 56, no. 3 (2003): 349--64.

Ravneberg, Ronald L., “The Hawkesworth Copy of Cook’s First Voyage,” Fellowship of American Bibliophilic Societies 7 (Winter 2003): 8--14.

Topping, Gary, “Robert J. Dwyer and the Writing of Utah History,” Utah Historical Quarterly 71 (Winter 2003): 4--19.

Immigration, Migration, and Settlement

Gillis, Michael J., and Michael F. Magliari, “John Bidwell and the California Trail, Part 1,” Overland Journal 20 (Fall 2002): 104--19.

Gillis, Michael J., and Michael F. Magliari, “John Bidwell and the California Trail, Part 2,” Overland Journal 20 (Winter 2002/2003): 152--64.

Great Plains Quarterly 22 (Fall 2002). Special issue, “Migration of the Great Plains.”

McDermott, John D., “The Upper Platte River Crossing,” Overland Journal 20 (Fall 2002): 98--103.

Miyamoto, Melody M., “‘A Novel Sight’: The 1860 Overland Adventure of Clara E. Downes,” Overland Journal 20 (Fall 2002): 86--97.

International Borderlands

Journal of the West 42 (Winter 2003). Special issue, “Cowboys and Cattle Frontiers around the World.”

Livingston, Craig, “Lions, Brothers, and the Idea of an Indian Nation: The Mexican Revolution in the Minds of Anthony W. Ivins and Rey L. Pratt, 1910--1917,” Dialogue 35 (Summer 2002): 115--38.

McClintock, Thomas C., “British Newspapers and the Oregon Treaty of 1846,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 104 (Spring 2003): 96--109.

Trevizo, Dolores, “Interclass Conflict and Political Divisions among Capitalists: The Remaking of an Agrarian Capitalist Class in Mexico, 1970--75,” Social Science History 27 (Spring 2003): 75--108.

Labor and Working-class

Behrisch, Tanya, Roger Hayter, and Trevor Barnes, “‘I Don’t Really Like the Mill; In Fact, I Hate the Mill’: Changing Youth Vocationalism under Fordism and Post-Fordism in Powell River, British Columbia,” BC Studies no. 136 (Winter 2002/03): 73--101.

Schwartz, E. A., “The Lynching of Robert Prager, the United Mine Workers, and the Problems of Patriotism in 1918,” Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society 96 (Winter 2003): 414--37.

Literature, Film, and the Arts

Braden, Allen, “Richard Hugo’s Marginal West,” North Dakota Quarterly 69 (Spring 2002): 8--17.

Cleman, John, “The Belated Frontier: H.L. Davis and the Problem of Pacific Northwest Regionalism,” Western American Literature 37 (Winter 2003): 431--51.

Connell, E. Jane, “Pioneers: Itinerant Painters and Early Portraiture,” Timeline 20 (March--June 2003): 4--23.

Goeke, Joe, “Yellow Bird and the Bandit: Minority Authorship, Class, and Audience in John Rollin Ridge’s The Life and Adventures of Joaquín Murieta,” Western American Literature 37 (Winter 2003): 453--78.

The Ned Scott Archive, “The Making of Stagecoach,” Persimmon Hill 31 (Spring 2003): 15--8.

Schorcht, Blanca, “The Storied World of Harry Robinson: Emerging Dialogues,” BC Studies no. 135 (Autumn 2002): 145--62.

Method and Theory

Carson, James Taylor, “Ethnogeography and the Native American Past,” Ethnohistory 49 (Fall 2002): 769--88.

McGregor, John R., “Geohistorical Archaeology: A Perspective for Considering the Historic Past,” Journal of Geography 101 (July/August 2002): 161--6.

Sites, William, “Global City, American City: Theories of Globalization and Approaches to Urban History,” Journal of Urban History 29 (March 2003): 333--46.

Military and Exploration

Allen, Leslie, “Comparing Notes with Lewis and Clark,” American Heritage (April/May 2003): 42--51.

American History 38 (April 2003). Special issue, “A Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration.”

Ambrose, Stephen E., “Reliving the Adventures of Meriwether Lewis,” We Proceeded On 29, no. 1 (2003): 11--3.

Foley, William E., “Lewis and Clark’s American Travels: The View from Britain,” Western Historical Quarterly 34 (Autumn 2003): 301--324.

Greene, Jerome A., “Faces of War: Five Soldiers of General Crook’s Big Horn and Yellowstone Expedition, 1876,” Nebraska History 83, no. 2 (2002): 98--102.

Native Americans

Berardi, Gigi, and Dan Burns, Phillip H. Duran, Roberto Gonzalez-Plaza, Sharon Kinley, Lynn Robbins, Ted Williams, Wayne Woods, “Science and Culture in a Curriculum for Tribal Environmental Management: The TENRM Program at the Northwest Indian College,” American Indian Culture and Research Journal 26, no. 3 (2002): 47--64.

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Political and Legal

Bradley, Ann Walsh, and Joseph A. Ranney, “New Cases and Changing Faces: The Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2003,” Wisconsin History 86 (Spring 2003): 2--9.

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Olson, James C., “Beating the Odds in Missouri: Stuart Symington’s First Campaign for the Senate, 1952,” Missouri Historical Review 97 (April 2003): 204--33.

Tarlock, A. Dan, “The Future of Prior Appropriation in the New West,” Public Land and Resources Law Digest 39, no. 2 (2002): 235--59.

Public History and Material Culture

Alexander, Thomas G., “Red Rock and Gray Stone: Senator Reed Smoot, the Establishment of Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, and the Rebuilding of Downtown Washington, D.C.,” Pacific Historical Review 72, no. 1 (2003): 1--38.

Madden, Mary W., “Dome on the Range,” Kansas Heritage 11 (Spring 2003): 16--21.

Schullery, Paul and Lee Whittlesey, “Yellowstone’s Creation Myth: Can We Live with Our Own Legends?” Montana The Magazine of Western History 53 (Spring 2003): 2--27.


Arrington, Leonard J., and Edward Leo Lyman, “When the Mormon Church Invested in Southern Nevada Gold Mines,” Dialogue 35 (Summer 2002): 73--87.

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Savitt, Todd L., and Janice Willms, “Sisters’ Hospital: The Sisters of Providence and St. Patrick Hospital, Missoula, Montana, 1873--1890,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 53 (Spring 2003): 28--43.

Sutton, Matthew A., “‘Between the Refrigerator and the Wildfire’: Aimee Semple McPherson, Pentecostalism, and the Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy,” Church History 72 (March 2003): 159--88.

Science, Technology, and Industry

Francaviglia, Richard, “‘Rather a Curious One’: Remembering Utah’s Sanpete Valley Railway,” Utah Historical Quarterly 71 (Winter 2003): 52--68.

Hanson, James A., “The Ancestor of the Northwest Gun,” Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly 38 (Winter 2002): 9--11.

Nye, David E., “Technology, Nature, and American Origin Stories,” Environmental History 8 (January 2003): 8--24.

Social and Cultural

Adler, Jeffery S., “‘On the Border of Snakeland’: Evolutionary Psychology and Plebian Violence in Industrial Chicago, 1875--1920,” Journal of Social History 36, no. 3 (2003): 541--60.

Erickson, Christine K., “‘Kluxer Blues’: The Klan Confronts Catholics in Butte, Montana, 1923--1929,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 53 (Spring 2003): 44--57.

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