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Recent Articles Spring 2001

Agriculture and Ranching

Hurt, R. Douglas, “Prices, Payments, & Production: Kansas Wheat Farmers and the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, 1933--1939,” Kansas History 23 (Spring--Summer 2000): 72--87.

St. Jean, Wendy, “‘You Have the Land, I Have the Cattle’: Intermarried Whites and the Chickasaw Range Lands,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 78 (Summer 2000): 182--95.

Selyem, Barbara Krupp, photographs by Bruce Selyem, “The Legacy of Country Grain Elevators: A Photo Essay,” Kansas History 23 (Spring--Summer 2000): 42--55.


Horsman, Reginald, “William Henry Harrison: Virginia Gentleman in the Old Northwest,” Indiana Magazine of History 96 (June 2000): 125--50.

Hutton, Paul Andrew, “In Search of Wyatt Earp: A Review Essay,” Journal of Arizona History 41 (Summer 2000): 197--206.

Mathes, Valerie Sherer, “Helen Hunt Jackson and Southern California’s Mission Indians,” California History 78 (Winter 1999/2000): 262--73.

Mellink, Eric, “Captain Edward William Funcke: Hunting in Baja California for a Living,” Journal of San Diego History 46 (Winter 2000): 34--51.

Thompson, Raymond Harris, “An Old and Reliable Authority, Part 2: Edgar Lee Hewett and the Political Process,” Journal of
the Southwest 42 (Summer 2000): 271--318.

Westerlund, John S., “Boom to Bust in Bellemont: The Tragic Story of Northern Arizona Pioneer Walter J. Hill,” Journal of Arizona History 41 (Summer 2000): 181--96.

Economics and Labor

Cassell, Mark S., “Iñupiat Labor and Commercial Shore Whaling in Northern Alaska,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 91 (Summer 2000): 115--23.

Castle, Alfred L., “U. S. Commercial Policy and Hawaii, 1890--1894,” Hawaiian Journal of History 33 (1999): 69--82.

Chamberlain, Charles D. III, “‘On the Train and Gone’: Worker Mobility in the Rural Southwest during World War II, 1939--1945,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly 103 (April 2000): 427--52.

Fisher, Andrew H., “Working in the Indian Way: The Southwest Forest Firefighter Program and Native American Wage Labor,” Journal of Arizona History 41 (Summer 2000): 121--48.

Igler, David, “The Industrial Far West: Region and Nation in the Late Nineteenth Century,” Pacific Historical Review 69 (May 2000): 159--92.

Jensen, Joan M., “Dairying and Changing Patterns of Family Labor in Rural New Mexico,” New Mexico Historical Review 75 (April 2000): 157--94.

Knipmeyer, James H., “The Dunn Family and Navajo Mountain Trading Post,” Utah Historical Quarterly 68 (Spring 2000): 125--38.

Madsen, Troy, “The Company Doctor: Promoting Stability in Eastern Utah Mining Towns,” Utah Historical Quarterly 68 (Spring 2000): 139--56.

Munk, Michael, “Portland’s ‘Silk Stocking Mob’: The Citizens Emergency League in the 1934 Maritime Strike,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 91 (Summer 2000): 150--60.

Volanto, Keith, “Burying White Gold: The AAA Cotton Plow-Up Campaign in Texas,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly 103 (January 2000): 327--56.


Alvarez, Patricia, “The Battle for Waipuka School: One Round of an Epic Contest,” Hawaiian Journal of History 33 (1999): 1--20.

Ducker, James H., “Curriculum for a New Culture: A Case Study of Schools and Alaska Natives, 1884--1947,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 91 (Spring 2000): 71--83.

Radke, Andrea, “‘I am Very Aspiring’: Muirl Dorrough and the Alliance Junior Normal School,” Nebraska History 81 (Spring 2000): 2--11.


Ackland, Len, “Rocky Flats: Expect a Fire, but Produce,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 50 (Summer 2000): 36--49.

Arizona Law Review 42, no. 2 (2000). Special Issue, “Environmental Restoration: Challenges for the New Millennium.”

Benjamin, Craig, “Amazonian Confrontation: Native Nations Challenge the Patenting of Sacred Plants,” Native Americas 15 (Winter 1998): 24--33.

Buys, Christian J., “‘Mothers Rushed into the Deluge’: Telluride’s Great Flood of 1914,” Colorado Heritage (Summer 2000): 2--13.

Caylor, Ann, “‘A Promise Long Deferred’: Federal Reclamation on the Colorado River Indian Reservation,” Pacific Historical Review 69 (May 2000): 193--215.

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LaDuke, Winona, “Return of Buffalo Nation: For Native Peoples of the Plains, Visions of a Buffalo Commons,” Native Americas 15 (Winter 1998): 10--21.

Schmitt, Robert C., and Eleanor C. Nordyke, “Influenza Deaths in Hawaii, 1918--1920,” Hawaiian Journal of History 33 (1999): 101--18.

Schoell, Mark, “The Marine Mammal Protection Act and Its Role in the Decline of San Diego’s Tuna Fishing Industry,” Journal of San Diego History 45 (Winter 1999): 33--52.

Smith, Michael D., and Richard S. Krannich, “‘Culture Clash’ Revisited: Newcomer and Longer-Term Residents’ Attitudes toward Land Use, Development, and Environmental Issues in Rural Communities in the Rocky Mountain West,” Rural Sociology 65 (September 2000): 396--421.

Taliman, Valerie, “Reading the Clouds: Native Perspectives on Southwestern Environments,” Native Americas 16 (Fall/Winter 1999): 34--41.

Williams, Jacqueline, “Water Wasn’t Everywhere,” Overland Journal 18 (Spring 2000): 25--8.

Wood, Judith Hebbring, “The Origin of Public Bison Herds in the United States,” Wicazo Sa Review 15 (Spring 2000): 157--82.

Ethnicity and Race

Blyth, Lance R., “Fugitives from Servitude: American Deserters and Runaway Slaves in Spanish Nacogdoches, 1803--1808,” East Texas Historical Journal 38, no. 2 (2000): 3--14.

Deloria, Vine Jr., and David E. Wilkins, “Racial and Ethnic Studies, Political Science, and Midwifery,” Wicazo Sa Review 14 (Fall 1999): 67--76.

Fiset, Louis, “Nikkei Life in the Northwest: Photographic Impressions, 1912--1954,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 91 (Winter 1999/2000): 25--41.

Hamilton, Kenneth M., “White Wealth and Black Repression in Harrison County, Texas: 1865--1868,” Journal of Negro History 84 (Fall 1999): 340--59.

Morris, Stephen D., “Exploring Mexican Images of the United States,” Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos 16 (Winter 2000): 105--40.

Ota, Masao, and George M. Oshiro, “Mediator between Cultures: Tasuku Harada and Hawaiian-Japanese Intercultural Relations in the 1920s,” Hawaiian Journal of History 33 (1999): 171--202.

Rusco, Elmer R., “The Civil Rights Movement in Hawthorne,” Nevada Historical Society Quarterly 43 (Spring 2000): 35--73.

Self, Robert, “‘To Plan Our Liberation’: Black Power and the Politics of Place in Oakland, California, 1965--1977,” Journal of Urban History 26 (September 2000): 759--92.

Wickett, Murray R., “The Fear of ‘Negro Domination’: The Rise of Segregation and Disfranchisement in Oklahoma,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 78 (Spring 2000): 44--65.

Yu, Henry, “On a Stage Built by Others: Creating an Intellectual History of Asian Americans,” Amerasia Journal 26, no. 1 (2000): 141--61.


Cleary, Rita, “Charbonneau Reconsidered: A Revisionist Look at the Corps’s Interpreter,” We Proceeded On (February 2000): 18--21.

Schramm, Darrel g.h., “The Past Caught in the Present: Observations of Mineral and Plant by Lewis and Clark, Catlin, and Schramm,” North Dakota History 67, no. 2 (2000): 16--25.

Sugden, John, “Tecumseh’s Travels Revisited,” Indiana Magazine of History 96 (June 2000): 151--68.

Fur Trade

Back, Francis, “The Dress of the First Voyageurs, 1650-- 1715,” Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly 36 (Summer 2000): 3--17.

Sleeper-Smith, Susan, “Women, Kin, and Catholicism: New Perspectives on the Fur Trade,” Ethnohistory 47 (Spring 2000): 423--52.


Desbarats, Catherine, “Essai sur quelques éléments de l'écriture de l'histoire amérindienne,” Revue D’Histoire de L’Amérique Française 53 (Printemps 2000): 491--520.

Gendzel, Glen, “Pioneers and Padres: Competing Mythologies in Northern and Southern California, 1850--1930,” Western Historical Quarterly (Spring 2001): 55--79.

Limerick, Patricia Nelson, “Going West and Ending Up Global,” Western Historical Quarterly (Spring 2001): 5--23.

Murray, Alice Yang, “Oral History Research, Theory, and Asian American Studies,” Amerasia Journal 26, no. 1 (2000): 105--18.

Tamura, Eileen H., “Using the Past to Inform the Future: An Historiography of Hawai?i’s Asian and Pacific Islander Americans,” Amerasia Journal 26, no. 1 (2000): 55--85.

Williams, James C., “History Advocacy in California,” Public Historian 22 (Spring 2000): 29--38.

Immigration and Settlement

Bumgarner, Norma Jane, “The Milton Co-Operative Colony: From Utopia to Ghost Town, 1913--1916,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 78 (Spring 2000): 66--83.

Carroll, Murray L., “The Wyoming Sojourn of the Utah Expedition, 1857--1858,” Annals of Wyoming 72 (Winter 2000): 6--24.

Choy, Catherine Ceniza, “Asian American History: Reflections on Imperialism, Immigration, and ‘The Body,’” Amerasia Journal 26, no. 1 (2000): 119--40.

Parson, Robert, “Seeps, Springs, and Bogs: The Changing Historic Landscape of Smithfield,” Utah Historical Quarterly 68 (Winter 2000): 38--54.

Literature and the Arts

Smith-Baranzini, Marlene, “Out of the Shadows: Louise Clappe’s Life and Early California Writing,” California History 78 (Winter 1999/2000): 238--61.

Zmijewski, David, “The Hornet: Mark Twain’s Interpretations of a Perilous Journey,” Hawaiian Journal of History 33 (1999): 55--68.


Beck, Paul N., “‘One Day Was Much Like Another’: Union Soldiers on the Dakota Expeditions, 1863--1864,” Military History of the West 30 (Spring 2000): 45--62.

Dorrance, William H., “Scorched Earth Plans for Oahu,” Hawaiian Journal of History 33 (1999): 159--70.

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Lonich, David, “From the Monongahela to Little Big Horn,” Western Pennsylvania History 83 (Summer 2000): 78--97.

McGowen, Stanley S., “Battle or Massacre?: The Incident on the Nueces, August 10, 1862,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly 104 (July 2000): 65--91.

Potter, James E., “The First Nebraska’s Orphan Detachment and the Skirmish at Grand Prairie, 1864,” Nebraska History 81 (Spring 2000): 35--9.

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Tunnell, Curtis, “A Cache of Cannons: La Salle’s Colony in Texas,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly 102 (July 1998): 19--44.

Native American

Bess, Jennifer, “‘Kill the Indian and Save the Man!’ Charles Eastman Surveys His Past,” Wicazo Sa Review 15 (Spring 2000): 7--28.

Burt, Larry W., “Unlikely Activism: O. K. Armstrong and Federal Indian Policy in the Mid-Twentieth Century,” Missouri Historical Review 94 (July 2000): 415--33.

Carpenter, Leah J., “Policy Analysis of the Land into Trust Acquisition Provisions of the Indian Reorganization Act: Tribal Opportunities, Obstacles, and Opposition,” Wicazo Sa Review 15 (Spring 2000): 29--48.

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Trudel, Pierre, “Histoire, neutralité et Autochtones: une longue histoire . . .” Revue d’Histoire de L’Amérique Française 53 (Printemps 2000): 528--40.

Political and Legal

Alverson, Bruce, “The Limits of Power: Comstock Litigation, 1859--1864,” Nevada Historical Society Quarterly 43 (Spring 2000): 74--98.

Brooks, Karl, “Illuminating the Postwar Northwest: Private Power and Public Law in Hells Canyon, 1950--57,” Western Legal History 12 (Winter/Spring 1999): 49--75.

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63,” BC Studies 125/126 (Spring/Summer 2000): 53--98.

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Spanish Borderlands

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