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Recent Articles Summer 2001

Agriculture and Ranching

Benson, Kristi, “Cowboys and Cattle Barons: Status and Hierarchy on Alberta’s Early Corporate Ranches,” Alberta History 48 (Autumn 2000): 2--9.

Jaehn, Tomas, “Unlikely Harvesters: German Prisoners of War as Agricultural Workers in the Northwest,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 50 (Autumn 2000): 46--57.

Riney-Kehrberg, Pamela, “Helping Ma and Helping Pa: Iowa’s Turn-of-the-Century Farm Children,” Annals of Iowa 59 (Spring 2000): 115--40.

Economics and Labor

Bortz, Jeffrey, “The Revolution, the Labour Regime and Conditions of Work in the Cotton Textile Industry in Mexico, 1910--1927,” Journal of Latin American Studies 32 (October 2000): 671--703.

Knobloch, Frieda, “Creating the Cowboy State: Culture and Underdevelopment in Wyoming since 1867,” Western Historical Quarterly 32 (Summer 2001): 201-21.

Sanchez, Nicolas, and Jeffrey B. Nugent, “Fence Laws vs. Herd Laws: A Nineteenth-Century Kansas Paradox,” Land Economics 76 (November 2000): 518--33.


Goldin, Claudia, and Lawrence F. Katz, “Education and Income in the Early Twentieth Century: Evidence from the Prairies,” Journal of Economic History 60 (September 2000): 782--818.

Hendrick, Irving G., “From Indifference to Imperative Duty: Educating Children in Early California,” California History 79 (Summer 2000): 226--49.

Justice, Benjamin, “The Transformation of the Prison: Educational Reform at San Quentin, 1880-–1920,” History of Education Quarterly 40 (Fall 2000): 279--301.


Davidson, Jenny Emery, “Power Switches on the Middle Snake River: The Divergent Histories of Two Hydroelectric Projects,” Idaho Yesterdays 44 (Summer 2000): 22--31.

Limerick, Patricia Nelson, “‘This Perilous Situation, between Hope and Despair’: Meetings along the Great River of the West,” Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History 14 (Fall 2000): 20--6.

Lovin, Hugh T., “Fighting over the Cascade Corner of Yellowstone National Park, 1919--1935,” Annals of Wyoming 72 (Spring 2000): 14--29.

Pisani, Donald J., “Beyond the Hundredth Meridian: Nationalizing the History of Water in the United States,” Environmental History 5 (October 2000): 466--82.

Risher, Bruce, and John W. Robinson, “Guardians on the Mountaintops: The Fire Lookouts of Southern California,” Dogtown Territorial Quarterly no. 42 (Summer 2000): 40--9.

Ethnicity and Race

Chan, Sucheng, “A People of Exceptional Character: Ethnic Diversity, Nativism, and Racism in the California Gold Rush,” California History 79 (Summer 2000): 44--85.

Echeverria, Jeronima, “Expansion and Eclipse of the Basque Boarding House in the American West,” Nevada Historical Society Quarterly 43 (Summer 2000): 127--39.

Kremer, Gary R., and Evan P. Orr, “Lake Placid: ‘A Recreational Center for Colored People in the Missouri Ozarks,’” Missouri Historical Review 95 (October 2000): 68--85.

Walz, Eric, “From Kumamoto to Idaho: The Influence of Japanese Immigrants on the Agricultural Development of the Interior West,” Agricultural History 74 (Spring 2000): 404--18.

Yamamoto, Eriko, “Cheers for Japanese Athletes: The 1932 Los Angeles Olympics and the Japanese American Community,” Pacific Historical Review 69 (August 2000): 399--429.


Ambrose, Stephen E., “The Big Road,” American Heritage 51 (October 2000): 56--67.

Chamberlin, J. A., “On the Trail of Lewis and Clark: Over the Wild Bitterroots; by Land and Air,” Idaho Yesterdays 44 (Summer 2000): 14--21.

Clayton, Daniel, “The Creation of Imperial Space in the Pacific Northwest,” Journal of Historical Geography 26 (July 2000): 327--50.

McCaig, Donald, “The Bozeman Trail,” Smithsonian 31 (October 2000): 88--101.

Immigration and Settlement

Monaco, Chris, “Fort Mitchell and the Settlement of the Alachua Country,” Florida Historical Quarterly 79 (Summer 2000): 1--25.

Rohrbough, Malcolm, “No Boy’s Play: Migration and Settlement in Early Gold Rush California,” California History 79 (Summer 2000): 25--43.

Schwieder, Dorothy, “Town-Building and Persistence on the Great Plains: The Case of Presho, South Dakota,” South Dakota History 30 (Summer 2000): 200--22.

Literature and the Arts

Borden, Diane M., and Eric P. Essman, “Manifest Landscape/Latent Ideology: Afterimages of Empire in the Western and ‘Post-Western’ Film,” California History 79 (Spring 2000): 30--41.

Ehlers, D. Layne, “This Week at the Opera House: Popular Musical Entertainment at Great Plains Opera Houses, 1887–-1917,” Great Plains Quarterly 20 (Summer 2000): 183--96.

Fine, David, “The Emergence of Los Angeles as Literary Territory,” California History 79 (Spring 2000): 4--9.

Gagliasso, Dan, “Joe de Yong and Hollywood: Charlie Russell’s Protégé on the Celluloid Frontier,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 50 (Autumn 2000): 2--17.

Henderson, Angela, “Fiction as Reality: ‘Lonesome Dove,’ the Law, and a Property-Holder’s Society,” Journal of the West 39 (Fall 2000): 49--52.

Kirk, Anthony, “‘As jolly as a clam at high water’: The Rise of Art in Gold Rush California,” California History 79 (Summer 2000): 169--203.

Kowalewski, Michael, “Romancing the Gold Rush: The Literature of the California Frontier,” California History 79 (Summer 2000): 204--25.

Lutz, R. C., “On the Road to Nowhere?: California’s Car Culture,” California History 79 (Spring 2000): 50--5.

Mitchell, Adrielle, “From Granite and Hawks to Human Wishes: California’s Poetry of Place,” California History 79 (Spring 2000): 56--61.

Tapper, Gordon, “Morton Minsky Reads ‘The Bridge’: Hart Crane and the Meaning of Burlesque,” Arizona Quarterly 56 (Winter 2000): 83--118.

Theisz, R. D., “Powerful Feelings Recollected in Tranquility: Literary Criticism and Lakota Social Song Poetry,” Great Plains Quarterly 20 (Summer 2000): 197--210.


Phelps, Robert, “‘All hands have gone downtown’: Urban Places in Gold Rush California,” California History 79 (Summer 2000): 113--40.

Robertson, David, “‘Heaps of history’: Toluca and the Historic Longwall Mining District,” Journal of Illinois History 3 (Autumn 2000): 162--84.

Starr, Kevin, “Rooted in Barbarous Soil: An Introduction to Gold Rush Society and Culture,” California History 79, (Summer 2000): 1--24.

Native American

Carter, Kent, “Choctaw-Chickasaw Enrollment, Part 1,” Prologue 31 (Winter 1999): 231--46.

Fausz, J. Frederick, “Becoming ‘A Nation of Quakers’: The Removal of the Osage Indians from Missouri,” Gateway Heritage 21 (Summer 2000): 28--39.

Harmon, Alexandra, “Tribal Enrollment Councils: Lessons on Law and Indian Identity,” Western Historical Quarterly 32 (Summer 2001): 175-200.

Helbock, Richard W., “The Disappearance of the Cherokee Nation, 1889--1907,” La Posta 31 (August/September 2000): 23--46.

Madden, Ryan, “‘The Government’s Industry’: Alaska Natives and Pribilof Sealing during World War II,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 91 (Fall 2000): 202--9.

Meyers, Jason, “No Idle Past: Uses of History in the 1830 Indian Removal Debates,” Historian 63 (Fall 2000): 53--66.

Riggs, Christopher K., “American Indians, Economic Development, and Self-Determination in the 1960s,” Pacific Historical Review 69 (August 2000): 431--63.

Shover, Michele, “John Bidwell and the Rancho Chico Indian Treaty of 1852: Seduction, Betrayal, and Redemption,” Dogtown Territorial Quarterly no. 42 (Summer 2000): 4--39.

Smith, Sherry L., “George Bird Grinnell and the ‘Vanishing’ Plains Indians,” Montana the Magazine of Western History 50 (Autumn 2000): 18--31.


Burson, James M., “Middle Rio Grande Regional Water Resource Planning: The Pitfalls and the Promises,” Natural Resources Journal 40 (Summer 2000): 533--68.

Gunther, Vanessa, “Indians and the Criminal Justice System in San Bernardino and San Diego Counties, 1850--1900” Journal of the West 39 (Fall 2000): 26--34.

Homan, Anne M., “Some Transitional Alcaldes in Northern California,” Dogtown Territorial Quarterly 42 (Summer 2000): 50--61.

Jansson, Kyle, “Herbert Hoover: His Salem Years,” Marion County Historical Society Quarterly 38 (Spring 2000): 1--4.

Leibowitz, Ed, “Out from under the Wrecking Ball,” Smithsonian 31 (December 2000): 112--23.

Stelluto, Donald L., Jr., “A State of Law and Order: Legal and Constitutional History in Civil War Texas,” Journal of the West 39 (Fall 2000): 35--48.


Avella, Steven M., “Phelan’s Cemetery: Religion in the Urbanizing West, 1850-–1869, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento,” California History 79 (Summer 2000): 250--79.

Hartley, William G., “Mormons and Early Iowa History (1838 to 1858): Eight Distinct Connections,” Annals of Iowa 59 (Summer 2000): 217--60.

McNally, Michael D., “The Practice of Native American Christianity,” Church History 69 (December 2000): 834--59.

Szasz, Ferenc Morton, “Episcopal Bishops and the Trans-Mississippi West, 1865--1918,” Anglican and Episcopal History 69 (September 2000): 348--70.


Bright, David, “Life in Alberta’s Mounted Police Jails, 1905--1914,” Alberta History 48 (Autumn 2000): 10--6.

Cox, Stephen F., “A Life in the Oil Patch: Kenneth F. Cox in Glendive, Montana, 1953--1954,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 50 (Autumn 2000): 32--45.

Dewberry, Suzanne, “The Pacific Coast Hooligans of World War II,” Prologue 3 (Winter 1999): 247--56.

Eddington, Bryan, “Little Brother of War,” Beaver 80 (October/November 2000): 8--15.

Faragher, John Mack, “Bungalow and Ranch House: The Architectural Backwash of California,” Western Historical Quarterly 32 (Summer 2001): 149--73.

Johnson, Susan Lee, “‘My own private life’: Toward a History of Desire in Gold Rush California,” California History 79 (Summer 2000): 316--46.

Karpiel, Frank J., Jr., “Mystic Ties of Brotherhood: Freemasonry, Ritual, and Hawaiian Royalty in the Nineteenth Century,” Pacific Historical Review 69 (August 2000): 357--98.

Kurutz, Gary F., “Popular Culture on the Golden Shore,” California History 79 (Summer 2000): 280--315.

Larralde, Carlos M., and Richard Griswold del Castillo, “San Diego’s Ku Klux Klan, 1920--1980,” Journal of San Diego History 46 (Spring/Summer 2000): 68--89.

LeWarne, Charles P., “Equality Colony: A Socialist Utopia Viewed as Small-Town America,” Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History 14 (Fall 2000): 14--9.

Parsons, Elaine Frantz, “Risky Business: The Uncertain Boundaries of Manhood in the Midwestern Saloon,” Journal of Social History 34, no. 2: 283--308.

Wolinsky, Cary, “ZipUSA: Quartzsite,” National Geographic 199 (January 2001): 124--9.

Spanish Borderlands

Dattolico, Michael, “The Columbus, New Mexico, Pancho Villa Raid: A Postal History Viewpoint,” La Posta 31 (August/September 2000): 9--19.

Frank, Ross, “Making New Mexican Santos: Franciscans and Vecino Dominance in Late Colonial New Mexico,” New Mexico Historical Review 75 (July 2000): 369--96.

Glynn, Gary, “Attack on Columbus,” American History 35 (December 2000): 56--66.

Hann, John H., “Historic Notes and Documents: Evidence Pertinent to the Florida Cabildo Controversy and the Misdating of the Juan Márquez Cabrera Governorship,” Florida Historical Quarterly 79 (Summer 2000): 68--83.

Montgomery, Charles, “The Trap of Race and Memory: The Language of Spanish Civility on the Upper Rio Grande,” American Quarterly 52 (September 2000): 478--513.

Sandos, James A., “‘Because he is a liar and a thief’: Conquering the Residents of ‘Old’ California, 1850–-1880,” California History 79 (Summer 2000): 86--113.

Technology and Science

Baxter, John O., “Measuring New Mexico’s Irrigation Water: How Big is a Surco,” New Mexico Historical Review 75 (July 2000): 397--413.

Lindley, William L., “High-Stakes Dredging Plan Brings Close Look at Columbia,” Journal of the West 39 (Fall 2000): 57--62.

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Cannon, Brian Q. “The Best Years of Their Lives?: Wives and Mothers on Western Homesteads in the Postwar Years,” Agricultural History 74 (Spring 2000): 451--64.

Parry, Janine A., “Putting Feminism to a Vote: The Washington State Women’s Council, 1963–-78,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 91 (Fall 2000): 171--82.

Taniguchi, Nancy J., “Weaving a Different World: Women and the California Gold Rush,” California History 79 (Summer 2000): 141--68.

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