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Recent Articles Winter 2001

Agriculture and Ranching

Barton, Gregory, “Sir Albert Howard and the Forestry Roots of the Organic Farming Movement,” Agricultural History 75 (Spring 2001): 168--87.

Conlogue, William, “Managing the Farm, Educating the Farmer:  O Pioneers! and the New Agriculture,” Great Plains Quarterly 21 (Winter 2001): 3--16.

Foran, Max, “The Price of Patriotism: Alberta Cattlemen and the Loss of the American Market, 1942--48,” Great Plains Quarterly 21 (Winter 2001): 17--28.

McCullough, A. B., “Winnipeg Ranchers: Gordon, Ironside and Fares,” Manitoba History 41 (Spring-Summer 2001): 18--25.


Blackorby, Edward C., “Passing the Baton: The Final Years of Usher L. Burdick’s Political Life,” North Dakota History 67 (2000): 20--35.

Dant Ewert, Sara E., “Evolution of an Environmentalist: Senator Frank Church and the Hells Canyon Controversy,” Montana: The Magazine of Western History 51 (Spring 2001): 36--51.

Haas, Bonnie, and Joyce J. Bender, “Major Andrew Drumm: Cowman, Businessman, and Visionary,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 79, no. 1 (Spring 2001): 18--35.

Kille, J. Dee, “Autocrat on the Hill: The Short Unhappy Reign of Minard W. Stout,” Nevada Historical Society Quarterly 43 (Winter 2000): 311--30.

Massmann, Ann M., “Adelina ‘Nina’ Otero-Warren: A Spanish-American Cultural Broker,” Journal of the Southwest 42 (Winter 2000): 877--96.

Meyer, Doris, “Contesting History: The Unpublished Manuscripts of Benjamin Read,” New Mexico Historical Review 76 (January 2001): 47--64.

Mihelich, Dennis N., “George Joslyn: America’s First Media Mogul,” Nebraska History 82 (Spring 2001): 26--37.

Schlup, Leonard C., “Oklahoma Republican Dennis Thomas Flynn and His Letters to William Howard Taft,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 79 (Spring 2001): 92--106.

Walker, Ronald W., “Thomas L. Kane and Utah’s Quest for Self-Government, 1846--51,” Utah Historical Quarterly 69 (Spring 2001): 100--19.

Economics and Labor

Buck, Stephen J., “A Vanishing Frontier: The Development of a Market Economy in DuPage County,” Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society 93 (Winter 2000-2001): 366--87.

Byram, Scott, and David G. Lewis, “Ourigan: Wealth of the Northwest Coast,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 102 (Summer 2001):  126--57.

Dunning, Mike, “Tourism in Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska,” Alaska History 15 (Fall 2000): 30--43.

Haycox, Ernest, Jr., “‘A Very Exclusive Party’: A Firsthand Account of Building the Union Pacific Railroad,” Montana: The Magazine of Western History 51 (Spring 2001): 20--35.

Howard, Kathleen L., “Benham, Barnes, Brizard, and the Curio: A Study in Early Arizona Entrepreneurship, 1895--1908,” Journal of Arizona History 42 (Spring 2001): 1--22.

Ingraham, Aukjen T., “Henry Weinhard and Portland’s City Brewery,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 102 (Summer 2001): 180--95.

Knight, Amberly, “Hot Rocks Make Big Waves: The Impact of the Uranium Boom on Moab, Utah, 1948--57,” Utah Historical Quarterly 69 (Winter 2001): 29--45.

Riney-Kehrberg, Pamela, “‘But What Kind of Work Do the Rest of You Do?’: Child Labor on Nebraska Farms, 1870--1920,” Nebraska History 82 (Spring 2001): 2--10.

Teisch, Jessica B., “Great Western Power, ‘White Coal,’ and Industrial Capitalism in the West,” Pacific Historical Review 70 (May 2001): 221--54.


Hoey, Michael J., “Missouri Education at the Crossroads: The Phelan Miscalculation and the Education Amendment of 1870,” Missouri Historical Review 95 (July 2001): 372--93.

Hurtado, Albert L., “Romancing the West in the Twentieth Century: The Politics of History in a Contested Region,” Western Historical Quarterly 32 (Winter 2001): 417--435.

Stern, A. Kenneth, and Janelle L. Wagner, “The First Decade of Educational Governance in Kansas, 1855--1865,” Kansas History 24 (Spring 2001): 36--53.

Tamura, Eileen H., “Asian Americans in the History of Education: An Historiographical Essay,” History of Education Quarterly 41 (Spring 2001): 58--71.


Brosman, Catharine Savage, “Desert,” American Scholar 70 (Spring 2001): 111--24.

Byers, Linda, “Forest Reserves vs. Money for Schools: An Early Government Tussle in Washington’s Woods,” Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History 15 (Summer 2001): 17--22.

Carey, Janis M., and David L. Sunding, “Emerging Markets in Water: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of the Central Valley and Colorado-Big Thompson Projects,” Natural Resources Journal 41 (Spring 2001): 283--328.

Coates, Peter, “The Trans-Alaska Pipeline’s Twentieth Birthday: Commemoration, Celebration, and the Taming of the Silver Snake,” Public Historian 23 (Spring 2001): 63--86.

deBuys, William, “Navigating the River of Our Future: The Rio Poco-Grande,” Natural Resources Journal 41 (Spring 2001):  265--82.

DeSpain, S. Matthew, “For Society’s Sake: The Wichita Mountains, Wildlife, and Identity in Oklahoma’s Early Environmental History,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 78 (Winter 2000/2001): 388--411.

Fleming, W., et al., “Transfer of Development Rights as an Option for Land Preservation in a Historic New Mexico Community: La Cienega Valley, Santa Fe County, New Mexico,” Natural Resources Journal 41 (Spring 2001): 427--44.

Guthrie, William Keith, “‘drainage, drainage, DRAINAGE’:  Creating Natural Disasters in Southeastern Nebraska,” Great Plains Quarterly 20 (Fall 2000): 297--310.

Harvey, Douglas S., “Creating a ‘Sea of Galilee’: The Rescue of Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area, 1927--1930,” Kansas History 24 (Spring 2001): 2--17.

Huntsinger, Lynn, and María Fernández-Giménez, “Spiritual Pilgrims at Mount Shasta, California,” Geographical Review 90 (October 2000): 536--58.

Lundberg, Ann, “John Muir and Yosemite’s ‘Castaway Brook’:  The Troubling Geology of Native America,” Western American Literature 36 (Spring 2001): 25--55.

Mitchell, John G., “Big Open: Going Public with the Public Lands,” National Geographic 200 (August 2001): 2--29.

Pisani, Donald J., “The Bureau of Reclamation and the West, 1945--2000,” Nevada Historical Society Quarterly 43 (Winter 2000): 362--83.

Pyne, Stephen J., “The Perils of Prescribed Fire: A Reconsideration,” Natural Resources Journal 41 (Winter 2001): 1--8.

Quivik, Fredric L., “Integrating the Preservation of Cultural Resources with Remediation of Hazardous Materials: An Assessment of Superfund’s Record,” Public Historian 23 (Spring 2001): 47--62.

Vaught, David, “State of the Art---Rural History, or Why Is There No Rural History of California?,” Agricultural History 74 (Fall 2000): 759--74.

“Weather in the West,” Journal of the West 40 (Summer 2001, entire issue) ed. Kenneth F. Dewey.

Yochim, Michael J., “The Recent Winter Use History of Yellowstone National Park: How Should the National Park Service Envision Its Dual Mission?” Annals of Wyoming 73 (Winter 2001):  33--46.

Ethnicity and Race

Abing, Kevin, “Before Bleeding Kansas: Christian Missionaries, Slavery, and the Shawnee Indians in Pre-Territorial Kansas, 1844--1854,” Kansas History 24 (Spring 2001): 54--70.

Guenther, Todd, “Lucretia Marchbanks: A Black Woman in the Black Hills,” South Dakota History 31 (Spring 2001): 1--25.

Lamadrid, Enrique R., “Tierra Mestiza, Tierra Sagrada: An Indo-Hispano Heritage Revealed,” New Mexico Historical Review 76 (January 2001): 65--77.

Marasco, Sue Ann, “Transplanting the Body: Bringing Southern Italian Culture to Grand Junction, 1870--1930,” Journal of the Western Slope 14 (Spring 1999): 1--33.

Van Delinder, Jean, “Early Civil Rights Activism in Topeka, Kansas, Prior to the 1954 Brown Case,” Great Plains Quarterly 21 (Winter 2001): 45--62.


Kyba, Daniel A., “Duncan McGillivray’s 1800 Reconnaissance of the Upper Brazeau River,” Alberta History 49 (Summer 2001):  17--24.

Moreau, William, “David Thompson’s Claims: Varying Viewpoints and Versions of the 1811 Journey to Astoria,” Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History 15 (Summer 2001): 38--43.

Immigration and Settlement

Bennett, Richard, and Arran Jewsbury, “The Lion and the Emperor: The Mormons, the Hudson’s Bay Company, and Vancouver Island, 1846--1858,” BC Studies 128 (Winter 2000/2001): 37--62.

Di Biase, Linda P., “Neither Harmony Nor Eden: Margaret Peppers and the Exile of the Japanese Americans,” Anglican and Episcopal History 70 (March 2001): 101--17.

Grinev, Andrei V., “The Kaiury: The Slaves of Russian America,” trans. Richard L. Bland, Alaska History 15 (Fall 2000):  1--20.

Hanneman, Mary L., and Minh-Anh Thi Hodge, “Making a New Home: Vietnamese Refugees Arrive in Washington, 1975,” Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History 15 (Spring 2001): 17--22.

Harmon, Eric J., “Robert Dunlap Clarke: Diarist on the Bozeman Trail,” Annals of Wyoming 72 (Autumn 2000): 18--26.

Kono, Hideto, and Kazuko Sinoto, “Observations of the First Japanese to Land in Hawai’i,” Hawaiian Journal of History 34 (2000): 49--62.

Maher, Susan Naramore, “Deep Mapping the Great Plains: Surveying the Literary Cartography of Place,” Western American Literature 36 (Spring 2001): 4--24.

Robinson, John W., “Rushing for Gold Via the Southern Overland Route,” Dogtown Territorial Quarterly 45 (Spring 2001):  4--33.

Salmon, Rusty, and Robert S. McPherson, “Cowboys, Indians, and Conflict: The Pinhook Draw Fight, 1881,” Utah Historical Quarterly 69 (Winter 2001): 4--28.

Schwieder, Dorothy, “A Tale of Two Grandmothers: Immigration and Family on the Great Plains,” South Dakota History 31 (Spring 2001): 26--52.

Stanley, Ellen May, “Prairie Home Companions,” Kansas Heritage 9 (Summer 2001): 14--9.

Szasz, Ferenc Morton, “Scots in the North American West,” Montana: The Magazine of Western History 51 (Spring 2001): 52--65.

Tórrez, Robert J., “Park View: A Chicago Agricultural Colony in Northern New Mexico,” New Mexico Historical Review 76 (April 2001): 175--88.

Zerbe, Richard O., Jr., and C. Leigh Anderson, “Culture and Fairness in the Development of Institutions in the CaliforniaGold Fields,” Journal of Economic History 61 (March 2001): 114--43.

Literature and the Arts

Clements, William M., “‘Image and word cannot be divided’: N. Scott Momaday and Kiowa Ekphrasis,” Western American Literature 36 (Summer 2001): 134--52.

Curiel, Barbara Brinson, “The General’s Pants: A Chicana Feminist (Re)Vision of the Mexican Revolution in Sandra Cisneros’s ‘Eyes of Zapata,’” Western American Literature 35 (Winter 2001): 403--27.

Davidson, Michael, “The Lady from Shanghai: California Orientalism and ‘guys like us,’” Western American Literature 35 (Winter 2001): 347--72.

Handley, William R., “Distinctions without Differences: Zane Grey and the Mormon Question,” Arizona Quarterly 57 (Spring 2001): 1--34.

Lamont, Victoria, “The Bovine Object of Ideology: History, Gender, and the Origins of the ‘Classic’ Western,” Western American Literature 35 (Winter 2001): 373--402.

Lewis, Nathaniel, “Authentic Reproduction: The Picturesque Joachin Miller,” Arizona Quarterly 57 (Summer 2001): 1--32.

Murphy, Nora, “Starting Children on the Path to the Past: American Indians in Children’s Historical Fiction,” Minnesota History 57, no. 6 (Summer 2001): 284--95.

Padget, Martin, “Travel Writing, Sentimental Romance, and Indian Rights Advocacy: The Politics of Helen Hunt Jackson’s Ramona,” Journal of the Southwest 42 (Winter 2000): 833--76.

Risch, Barbara, “The Picture Changes: Stylistic Variations in Sitting Bull’s Biographies,” Great Plains Quarterly 20 (Fall 2000): 259--80.

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Oman, Kerry R., “Island Besieged: Forsyth’s Scouts at the Battle of Beecher Island,” Journal of the Indian Wars 1 (2000):  71--100.

Tolman, Keith, “Will Rogers Field: The Life and Death of a World War II Airbase,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 79 (Spring 2001): 4--17.

Zeller, Gary, “First to Fight for Freedom: African Creek Soldiers Enter the Civil War,” Journal of the Indian Wars 1 (2000): 1--20.

Native Americans

Blake, Kevin S., and Jeffrey S. Smith, “Pueblo Mission Churches as Symbols of Permanence and Identity,” Geographical Review 90 (July 2000): 359--80.

Clemmons, Linda, “‘We find it a difficult work’: Educating Dakota Children in Missionary Homes, 1835--1862,” American Indian Quarterly 24 (Fall 2000): 570--600.

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Fisher, Andrew H., “They Mean To Be Indian Always: The Origins of Columbia River Identity, 1860--1885,” Western Historical Quarterly 32 (Winter 2001): 468--492.

Fritz, Henry E., “Humanitarian Rhetoric and Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Policy,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 79 (Spring 2001):  62--91.

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Ramsey, Robert E., “An Oasis in the Desert: The Sacaton Indian Agency in the 1930s---A Photo Essay,” Journal of Arizona History 42 (Spring 2001): 39--58.

Ramsey, Robert E., “‘My God, Eddie, What Will We Do?’: The Ramsey Family’s Experiences on the Pima Indian Reservation, 1926--1964,” Journal of Arizona History 42 (Spring 2001): 23--38.

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Struthers, Roxanne, “Conducting Sacred Research: An Indigenous Experience,” Wicazo Sa Review 16 (Spring 2001): 125--34.

Political and Legal

Davies, Richard O., “Only in Nevada: America’s Unique Experiment with Legalized Sports Gambling, 1931--2000,” Nevada Historical Society Quarterly 44 (Spring 2001): 3--19.

Godfrey, Matthew C., “The Utah-Idaho Sugar Company: Political and Legal Troubles in the Aftermath of the First World War,” Agricultural History 75 (Spring 2001): 188--216.

Hietter, Paul T., “A Surprising Amount of Justice: The Experience of Mexican and Racial Minority Defendants Charged with Serious Crimes in Arizona, 1865--1920,” Pacific Historical Review 70 (May 2001): 183--220.

Moser, John E., “‘Gigantic Engines of Propaganda’: The 1941 Senate Investigation of Hollywood,” Historian 63 (Summer 2001):  731--52.

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Spanish Borderlands

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