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Recent Articles Winter 2003

Agriculture, Ranching, and Rural Life

Ethnohistory 50 (Winter 2003). Special issue, “Beyond the Hacienda: Agrarian Relations and Socioeconomic Change in Rural Mesoamerica.”

Hendrickson, Kenneth E., Jr., “Replenishing the Soil and the Soul of Texas: The Civilian Conservation Corps in the Lone Star State as an Example of State-Federal Work Relief during the Great Depression,” The Historian 65 (Summer 2003): 801--16.

Business and Economics

Haber, Stephen, Noel Maurer, and Armando Razo, “When the Law Does Not Matter: The Rise and Decline of the Mexican Oil Industry,” Journal of Economic History 63 (March 2003): 1--32.

Murray, Laura J., “Fur Traders in Conversation,” Ethnohistory 50 (Spring 2002): 285--314.

Skirus, John, “Railroad, Oil, and Other Foreign Interests in the Mexican Revolution, 1911--1914,” Journal of Latin American Studies 35, no. 1 (2003): 25--51.

Community and Urban

Brookshire, David S., H. Stuart Burness, Janie M. Chermak, and Kate Krause, “Western Urban Water Demand,” Natural Resources Journal 42 (Fall 2002): 873--98.

Hicks, Connie Noland, “The Outlaw Outhouse of Eureka,” Northeastern Nevada Historical Society Quarterly (Spring 2003): 54--6.

Raento, Paulina, “Gambling and Community in Nowhere Nevada: Jackpot and West Wendover in the Twentieth Century,” Nevada Historical Society Quarterly 46 (Spring 2003): 1--20.

Rogers, Kristen Smart, “Community and Memory in Grouse Creek,” Utah Historical Quarterly 71 (Spring 2003): 143--64.


Allen, Cain, “Replacing Salmon: Columbia River Indian Fishing Rights and the Geography of Fisheries Mitigation,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 104 (Summer 2003): 196--227.

Brown, Peter M., and William T. Baxter, “Fire History in Coast Redwood Forests of the Mendocino Coast, California,” Northwest Science 77 (Spring 2003): 147--58.

Drake, Brian Allen, “Waving ‘A Bough of Challenge’: Forestry on the Kansas Grasslands, 1868--1915,” Great Plains Quarterly 23 (Winter 2003): 19--34.

Lang, William L., “Beavers, Firs, Salmon, and Falling Water: Pacific Northwest Regionalism and the Environment,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 104 (Summer 2003): 151--65.

Nimz, Dale E., “Damming the Kaw: The Kiro Controversy and Flood Control in the Great Depression,” Kansas History 26 (Spring 2003): 14--31.

Ott, Jennifer, “‘Ruining’ the Rivers in the Snake Country: The Hudson’s Bay Company’s Fur Desert Policy,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 104 (Summer 2003): 166--95.

Wills, John, “‘On Burro’d Time’: Feral Burros, the Brighty Legend, and the Pursuit of Wilderness in the Grand Canyon,” Journal of Arizona History 44 (Spring 2003): 1--24.

Ethnicity and Race

Asato, Noriko, “Mandating Americanization: Japanese Language Schools and the Federal Survey of Education in Hawai‘i, 1916--1920,” History of Education Quarterly 43 (Spring 2003): 10--38.

Burt, Kenneth C., “Tony Rios and Bloody Christmas: A Turning Point between the Los Angeles Police Department and the Latino Community,” Western Legal History 14 (Summer/Fall 2001): 159--92.

Gonzales, Phillip B., “Struggle for Survival: The Hispanic Land Grants of New Mexico, 1848--2001,” Agricultural History 77 (Spring 2003): 293--324.

Obadele-Starks, Ernest, “Black Texans and Theater Craft Unionism: The Struggle for Racial Equality,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly 106 (April 2003): 533--48.

Reid, Debra A., “African Americans and Land Loss in Texas: Government Duplicity and Discrimination Based on Race and Class,” Agricultural History 77 (Spring 2003): 258--92.

Gender and Sexuality

Graves, Donna Cooper, “‘We’ll Fight It Out Fair Right Now’: Homicide, Felony Assault, and Gender in Kansas City, Kansas, 1890--1920,” Kansas History 26 (Spring 2003): 32--49.

Lindell, Lisa R., “The ‘Quickening Power’ of Education: Women Students at South Dakota State University, 1885--1920,” South Dakota History 33 (Spring 2003): 18--45.

Western States Jewish History 35, nos. 3 & 4 (2003). Special issue, “Jewish Women of the American West.”

Historiography and Bibliography

Chrisman, Ronald, “War and the Southwest: Military History at the University of North Texas Press,” Military History of the West 32 (Fall 2002): 95--9.

DeMers, Elizabeth, “The University of Nebraska Press: A Strong Tradition in Western Military History,” Military History of the West 32 (Fall 2002): 81--4.

Dixon, Mary Lenn, “Texas A&M University Press: Regional History and beyond,” Military History of the West 32 (Fall 2002): 90--4.

Nye, Eric, “T. A. Larson, Wyoming Historian,” Annals of Wyoming 74 (Summer 2002): 20--4.

Sutherland, Daniel, “The University of Arkansas Press: The Civil War in the West,” Military History of the West 32 (Fall 2002): 85--9.

Immigration, Migration, and Settlement

Gillis, Michael J., and Michael F. Magliari, “John Bidwell and California: The Life and Writings of a Pioneer, 1841--1900, First Emigrants on the California Trail,” California Territorial Quarterly no. 53 (Spring 2003): 4--29.

Gillis, Michael J., and Michael F. Magliari, “John Bidwell and the California Trail, Part 3,” Overland Journal 21 (Spring 2003): 22--35.

Vaught, David, “After the Gold Rush: Replicating the Rural Midwest in the Sacramento Valley,” Western Historical Quarterly 34 (Winter 2003): 447--467.

International Borderlands

Bortz, Jeffrey, “Authority Re-Seated: Control Struggles in the Textile Industry during the Mexican Revolution,” Labor History 44 (May 2003): 171--88.

Penyak, Lee M., and Verónica Vallejo, “Expectations of Love in Troubled Mexican Marriages during the Late Colonial and Early National Periods,” The Historian 65 (Spring 2003): 563--86.

Santiago, Mark, “Virtue, Character, and Service: The Spanish Officer Corps in Sonora, 1779,” Journal of Arizona History 44 (Spring 2003): 45--72.

Sousa, Lisa, and Kevin Terraciano, “The ‘Original Conquest’ of Oaxaca: Nahua and Mixtec Accounts of the Spanish Conquest,” Ethnohistory 50 (Spring 2003): 349--400.

Townsend, Camilla, “Burying the White Gods: New Perspectives on the Conquest of Mexico,” American Historical Review 108 (June 2003): 659--87.

Woodward, Ralph Lee, Jr., “Spanish Commercial Policy in Louisiana, 1763--1803,” Louisiana History 44 (Spring 2003): 133--64.

Literature, Film, and the Arts

Keller, Robert, and Sarah Fox, “‘The Art of the Possible’: Wallace Stegner and Historical Fiction,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 53 (Summer 2003): 46--55.

Kelsey, Penelope Myrtle, “A ‘Real Indian’ to the Boy Scouts: Charles Eastman as a Resistance Writer,” Western American Literature 38 (Spring 2003): 30--48.

Herman, Matt, “Literature, Growth, and Criticism in the New West,” Western American Literature 38 (Spring 2003): 49--76.

Pichaske, David R., “William Kloefkorn: Looking Back over the Shoulder of Memory,” Western American Literature 38 (Spring 2003): 5--29.

Saum, Lewis O., “George Douglas Brewerton: Painter, Historian, and Poet of the Far West,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 94 (Winter 2002/2003): 3--13.

Tangney, Shaun Anne, “The Proper Soil for Virtue: Yeoman Farmers, American Dreamers, and Socio-Economic Crises in Giants in the Earth and the Little House Books,” North Dakota Quarterly 69 (Fall 2002): 105--17.

Waugaman, Candy, “Capturing Alaska’s Image: Pre-Statehood Alaskan Photographers,” Alaska History 17 (Spring/Fall 2002): 25--53.

Method and Theory

Carson, James Taylor, “Ethnogeography and the Native American Past,” Ethnohistory 49 (Fall 2002): 769--88.

Harkin, Michael E., “Feeling and Thinking in Memory and Forgetting: Toward an Ethnohistory of the Emotions,” Ethnohistory 50 (Spring 2003): 261--84.

Lansing, Michael, “Different Methods, Different Places: Feminist Geography and New Directions in U.S. Western History,” Journal of Historical Geography 29 (April 2003): 230--47.

Military and Exploration

Brinkley, Douglas, “Thomas Jefferson’s Empire of Liberty,” American History 38 (August 2003): 76--81, 94--7.

Huser, Verne, “On the Rivers with Lewis and Clark,” We Proceeded On 29 (May 2003): 17--24.

Jewell, James Robbins, “‘Dear Mrs. Wilmer’: Trooper J. J. Rohn Describes the Steptoe Battlefield,” Military History of the West 32 (Fall 2002): 71--7.

Pfaff, Christine, “Safeguarding Hoover Dam during World War II,” Prologue 35 (Summer 2003): 10--21.

Smith, Edgar C., “Massacre on the Colorado River,” Overland Journal 21 (Spring 2003): 10--21.

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Native Americans

Coates, Ken, “Breathing New Life into Treaties: History, Politics, the Law, and Aboriginal Grievances in Canada’s Maritime Provinces,” Agricultural History 77 (Spring 2003): 333--54.

Carter, Kent, “A Faithful Public Servant: J. George Wright and the Five Civilized Tribes,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 81 (Spring 2003): 54--79.

Castile, George Pierre, “Yaquis, Edward H. Spicer, and Federal Indian Policy: from Immigrants to Native Americans,” Journal of the Southwest 44 (Winter 2002): 383--435.

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Political and Legal

California History 81, nos. 3/4 (2003). Special issue, “Taming the Elephant: Politics, Government, and Law in Pioneer California.”

Collins, Jennifer J., “The Lingering Shadow: The Grapes of Wrath and Oklahoma Leaders in the Post-Depression Era,” Chronicles of Oklahoma 81 (Spring 2003): 80--103.

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Science, Technology, and Industry

Journal of the West 42 (Spring 2003). Special issue, “Transportation in the West.”

White, Richard, “Information, Markets, and Corruption: Transcontinental Railroads in the Gilded Age,” Journal of American History 90 (June 2003): 19--43.

Social and Cultural

Barkan, Elliott R., “Return of the Nativists?: California Public Opinion and Immigration in the 1980s and 1990s,” Social Science History 27 (Summer 2003): 229--83.

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Woolworth, Stephen, “‘The School is under My Direction’: The Politics of Education at Fort Vancouver, 1836--1838,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 104 (Summer 2003): 228--51.

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