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Recent Articles Winter 2004

Agriculture, Ranching, and Rural Life

Alonzo, Armando C., “Hispanic Farmers and Ranchers in the Soil and Water Conservation Movement in South Texas, 1940s to Present,” Agricultural History 78 (Spring 2004): 201--21.

DeJong, David H., “An Equal Chance? The Pima Indians and the 1916 Florence-Casa Grande Irrigation Project,” Journal of Arizona History 45 (Spring 2004): 63--102.

Diggle, Susan E., and Louis A. Hieb, “From La Tijera to San Luis: Farm and Faith on the Rio Puerco,” Agricultural History 78 (Spring 2004): 166--90.

Drozd, David J., and Bruce B. Johnson, “Dynamics of a Rural Land Market Experiencing Farmland Conversion to Acreages: The Case of Saunders County, Nebraska,” Land Economics 80 (May 2004): 294--311.

Fair, Ross D., “A Most Favourable Soil and Climate: Hemp Cultivation in Upper Canada, 1800--1813,” Ontario History 96 (Spring 2004): 41--61.

Hendricks, Rick, “Viticulture in El Paso del Norte during the Colonial Period,” Agricultural History 78 (Spring 2004): 191--200.


Belko, William S., “A Founding Missourian: Duff Green and Missouri’s Formative Years, 1816--1825, Part 2,” Missouri Historical Review 98 (April 2004): 177--200.

Ferguson, Gillum, “‘He acted well his part’: Hamlet Ferguson and Southern Illinois,” Journal of Illinois History 6 (Winter 2003): 271--96.

Finch, L. Boyd, “The Variegated Life of Norfolk’s Diamond Dick,” Nebraska History 84 (Winter 2003): 181--93.

Goldsborough, L. Gordon, “Reginald Buller: The Poet-Scientist of Mushroom City,” Manitoba History (Spring/Summer 2004): 17--41.

Harper, Katherine, “In Commemoration of Ellis: The Iowa Beginnings of a Great American Humorist,” Iowa Heritage 84 (Fall 2003): 134--9.

Potter, James E., ed., “‘The Prairie Plow was at Work’: J. Sterling Morton’s 1859 Address on Nebraska Agriculture,” Nebraska History 84 (Winter 2003): 206--13.

Rydell, Robert W., “Grand Crossings: The Life and Work of Alexander Saxton,” Pacific Historical Review 73 (May 2004): 263--85.

Stern, Norton B., “Isaac Cohen: Southern California Merchant, Local Politico, Federal Official, 1848--1930,” Western States Jewish History 36 (Spring 2004): 263--71.

Business and Economics

Nerbas, Don, “Wealth and Privilege: An Analysis of Winnipeg’s Early Business Elite,” Manitoba History (Spring/Summer 2004): 42--64.

Reed, Jeri L., “The Corn King of Mexico in the United States: A South-North Technology Transfer,” Agricultural History 78 (Spring 2004): 155--65.

Sidford, Robert C., “‘To the Devil By Any Road They Please’: Cache Valley’s Entrepreneurial Challenge to Cooperation,” Utah Historical Quarterly 72 (Spring 2004): 119--35.

Community and Urban

Bérubé, Harold, “Commémorer la Ville: Une Analyse Comparative des Célébrations du Centenaire de Toronto et du Tricentenaire de Montréal,” Revue D’Histoire de L’Amérique Française 57 (Automne 2003): 209--36.

Clark, Shelley Hickman, and James W. Clark, eds., “Lawrence in 1854: Recollections of Joseph Savage,” Kansas History 27 (Spring-Summer 2004): 30--43.

Colombo, Louis J., “Implementing the Vision: Impact Fees and the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planned Growth Strategy,” Natural Resources Journal 43 (Summer 2003): 887--902.

Freilich, Robert H., “Smart Growth in Western Metro Areas,” Natural Resources Journal 43 (Summer 2003): 687--702.

Harvey, David W., and Katheryn Hill Krafft, “The Hanford Engineer Works Village: Shaping a Nuclear Community,” Columbia 18 (Spring 2004): 29--35.

Hobbs, Lenora, “Sizing Up the Queen City: Frances Trollope and Harriet Martineau,” Timeline 21 (May-June 2004): 14--27.

Olson, Gary D., “A Dakota Boomtown: Sioux Falls, 1877--1880,” Great Plains Quarterly 24 (Winter 2004): 17--30.

Ragsdale, Kenneth B., “Barnstormers, Businessmen, and High Hopes for the Future: Austin, Texas, Enters the Modern Air Age,” Southwestern Historical Quarterly 107 (April 2004): 534--57.

Tsichlis, Michael G., “Calamity and Glory: Phelim O’Toole, Mike Hester, and the Legacy of Heroism at the Southern Hotel Fire,” Missouri Historical Review 98 (April 2004): 223--48.


Chiang, Connie Y., “Monterey-by-the-Smell: Odors and Social Conflict on the California Coastline,” Pacific Historical Review 73 (May 2004): 183--214.

Hunt, Robert R., “Fire Paths on the Lewis & Clark Trail,” We Proceeded On 30 (May 2004): 14--9.

Imperial, Mark T., and Derek Kauneckis, “Moving from Conflict to Collaboration: Watershed Governance in Lake Tahoe,” Natural Resources Journal 43 (Fall 2003): 1009--56.

Lucero, Lora, and A. Dan Tarlock, “Water Supply and Urban Growth in New Mexico: Same Old, Same Old or a New Era?” Natural Resources Journal 43 (Summer 2003): 803--36.

Mumme, Stephen P., “Revising the 1944 Water Treaty: Reflections on the Rio Grande Drought Crises and Other Matters,” Journal of the Southwest 45 (Winter 2003): 649--70.

Parson, Robert, “‘The Hardest Worked River in the World’: The 1962 Bear River Project, Utah and Idaho,” Utah Historical Quarterly 72 (Spring 2004): 136--55.

Walcheck, Kenneth C., “Of Wolves and Prairie Wolves,” We Proceeded On 30 (May 2004): 20--6.

Ethnicity and Race

Arredondo, Gabriela F., “Navigating Ethno-Racial Currents: Mexicans in Chicago, 1919--1939,” Journal of Urban History 30 (March 2004): 399--427.

Barde, Robert, “An Alleged Wife: One Immigrant in the Chinese Exclusion Era,” Prologue 36 (Spring 2004): 24--35.

Carrigan, William D., and Clive Webb, “The Lynching of Persons of Mexican Origin or Descent in the United States, 1848 to 1928,” Journal of Social History 37 (Winter 2003): 411--38.

Dirck, Brian R., “By the Hand of God: James Montgomery and Redemptive Violence,” Kansas History 27 (Spring-Summer 2004): 100--15.

Griffith, Sarah M., “Border Crossings: Race, Class, and Smuggling in Pacific Coast Chinese Immigrant Society,” Western Historical Quarterly 35 (Winter 2004): 473--492.

Jew, Victor, “‘Chinese Demons’: The Violent Articulations of Chinese Otherness and Interracial Sexuality in the U. S. Midwest, 1885--1889,” Journal of Social History 37 (Winter 2003): 389--410.

Lang, Clarence, “Between Civil Rights and Black Power in the Gateway City: The Action Committee to Improve Opportunities for Negroes (ACTION), 1964--75,” Journal of Social History 37 (Spring 2004): 725--54.

Ling, Huping, “Governing ‘Hop Alley’: On Leong Chinese Merchants and Laborers Association, 1906--1966,” Journal of American Ethnic History 23 (Winter 2004): 50--84.

Mack, Dwayne A., “Crusade for Equality: Spokane’s Civil Rights Movement during the Early 1960s,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 95 (Winter 2003/2004): 16--25.

Monhollon, Rusty, and Kristen Tegtmeier Oertel, “From Brown to Brown: A Century of Struggle for Equality in Kansas,” Kansas History 27 (Spring-Summer 2004): 116--33.

Mulder, William, “Willem Jacobus DeBry and De Utah Nederlander, 1914--1935,” Utah Historical Quarterly 72 (Spring 2004): 100--18.

Gender and Sexuality

Baxter, Randolph W., “‘Homo-Hunting’ in the Early Cold War: Senator Kenneth Wherry and the Homophobic Side of McCarthyism,” Nebraska History 84 (Fall 2003): 118--32.

Boag, Peter, “‘Does Portland Need a Homophile Society?’ Gay Culture and Activism in the Rose City between World War II and Stonewall,” Oregon Historical History 105 (Spring 2004): 6--39.

Cairns, Kathleen, “‘Enigma Woman’ Nellie Madison: Femme Fatales & Noir Fiction,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 54 (Spring 2004): 14--25.

Cotcher, Maryanne, “A National Organisation in a Prairie City: The Regina Voice of Women, 1961--1963,” Saskatchewan History 56 (Spring 2004): 21--9.

Dearinger, Ryan L., “Violence, Masculinity, Image, and Reality on the Antebellum Frontier,” Indiana Magazine of History 100 (March 2004): 26--55.

Laegreid, Renee M., “‘Performers Prove Beauty & Rodeo Can Be Mixed’: The Return of the Cowgirl Queen,” Montana The Magazine of Western History 54 (Spring 2004): 44--55.

Levy, Jo Ann, “Two Remarkable California Pioneers: Eliza Farnham and Georgiana Bruce Kirby,” California Territorial Quarterly (Winter 2003): 24--32.

Risch, Barbara, “Wife, Mother, Provider, Defender, God: Women in Lakota Winter Counts,” American Indian Culture and Research Journal 27, no. 3 (2003): 1--30.

Historiography and Bibliography

Miner, Craig, “Historic Ground: The Ongoing Enterprise of Kansas Territorial History,” Kansas History 27 (Spring-Summer 2004): 4--13.

Potter, James E., “Nebraska History on Nebraska Territory: A Reader’s Guide,” Nebraska History 84 (Winter 2003): 162--75.

Immigration, Migration, and Settlement

Fox, John, “Revisiting Eugene Macnamara’s Irish Colony Scheme in California,” California Territorial Quarterly (Winter 2003): 36--43.

Jonsson, Stefan Hrafn, and Michael S. Rendall, “The Fertility Contribution of Mexican Immigration to the United States,” Demography 41 (February 2004): 129--50.

Waldinger, Roger, and David Fitzgerald, “Transnationalism in Question,” American Journal of Sociology 109 (March 2004): 1177--95.

International Borderlands

García-Acevedo, María Rosa, “Politics across Borders: Mexico’s Policies toward Mexicans in the United States,” Journal of the Southwest 45 (Winter 2003): 533--55.

Insley, Jennifer, “Redefining Sodom: A Latter-Day Vision of Tijuana,” Mexican Studies/ Estudios Mexicanos 20 (Winter 2004): 99--121.

Kelley, Sean, “‘Mexico in His Head’: Slavery and the Texas-Mexico Border, 1810--1860,” Journal of Social History 37 (Spring 2004): 709--24.

Limón, José E., “Translating Empire: The Border Homeland of Rio Grande City, Texas,” American Quarterly 56 (March 2004): 25--32.

Vaught, David, “A Tale of Three Land Grants on the Northern California Borderlands,” Agricultural History 78 (Spring 2004): 140--54.

Labor and Working-class

Amberg, Stephen, “Governing Labor in Modernizing Texas,” Social Science History 28 (Spring 2004): 145--88.

Dielman, Gary, ed., “‘May Live and Die a Miner’: The 1864 Clarksville Diary of James W. Virtue,” Oregon Historical History 105 (Spring 2004): 62--95.

Nicolaides, Becky M., “The Neighborhood Politics of Class in a Working-Class Suburb of Los Angeles, 1920--1940,” Journal of Urban History 30 (March 2004): 428--51.

Parks, Virginia, “Access to Work: The Effects of Spatial and Social Accessibility on Unemployment for Native-Born Black and Immigrant Women in Los Angeles,” Economic Geography 80 (April 2004): 141--72.

Sachs, Aaron, “Civil Rights in the Field: Carey McWilliams as a Public-Interest Historian and Social Ecologist,” Pacific Historical Review 73 (May 2004): 215--48.

Literature, Film, and the Arts

Alberta History 52 (Spring 2004). Special Issue, “Russell and Remington and the Canadian Frontier.”

Matchie, Thomas, “Miracles at Little No Horse: Louise Erdrich’s Answer to Sherman Alexie’s Reservation Blues,” North Dakota Quarterly 70 (Spring 2003): 151--62.

Nigro, Frank, “Traditionalizing Convention in Leslie Silko’s Ceremony: ‘Seems Like I Already Heard These Stories Before,’” North Dakota Quarterly 70 (Summer 2003): 56--65.

Saxton, Alexander, “In Dubious Battle: Looking Backward,” Pacific Historical Review 73 (May 2004): 249--62.

Steinle, John F., “Frontier Artist and Solidier: Caspar Collins,” Timeline 21 (May-June 2004): 2--13.

Military and Exploration

Brandt, Anthony, “The Perilous Afterlife of the Lewis and Clark Expedition,” American Heritage 55 (June/July 2004): 50--8.

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Native Americans

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Political and Legal

Bird, Kenton, “Tom Foley’s Last Campaign: Why Eastern Washington Voters Ousted the Speaker of the House,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 95 (Winter 2003/2004): 3--15.

California History 81, no. 3/4 (2003). Special Issue, “Taming the Elephant: Politics, Government, and Law in Pioneer California.”

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Public History and Material Culture

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Science, Technology, and Industry

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Social and Cultural

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