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Youth Conservatory students may study with faculty or students in the USU piano program. Student teachers are tiered based on experience, and tuition costs are relative to the tier.   


Robyn Abrahamson

Brittany Bowers - Office Assistant

Arthur Floyd

Brady Fry

Michael Lechner

Brittney Mattison

Taylor Packer

Lisa Richards

BreAna Shaw

Shanelle Winkel – Office Assistant

Jacqueline Winterton 

Jennifer Hansen


Ashley Benjamin

Lizzy Davis – Theory Instructor

Mark Gubler – Theory Instructor

Sara Mason – Theory Instructor

Kyle Mckenna

Bradley Taylor


Lindsey Lee-Pope – Theory Instructor

Stephanie Price

Ali Snow

Carly Stanger

Ashley Weiss – Theory Instructor








Lauren Belliston, B.M., Utah State University

Brody Craney, B.M., Utah State University

Aubrey Moeller, B.M., Utah State University

Krystal Kunz, B.M., Utah State University



Gary Amano, M.M., B.S., The Juilliard School – Founder, USU Piano Program Head

Emily Ezola, M.M., B.M., Utah State University – Program Coordinator; Theory Instructor

Luke Hancock, M.M., B.M., Utah State University – USU Piano Faculty

Brooke Hirst, M.M., B.M., Utah State University – Account Manager

Dennis Hirst, M.M., U. of Oklahoma, B.M., Bowling Green State University – Financial Adviser; USU Piano Faculty

Kevin Olson, Ed. D. National-Louis Univ., M.M., B.M. Brigham Young University – Director, USU Piano Faculty

Ewa Wilczynski, M.M. Marie Curie University, Poland – Theory Instructor


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Ali Snow

Ali Snow

Faculty Status:  Gold
Teaching Philosophy:

Ali emphasizes in tailoring lessons to the uniqueness of each individual student. She implements a curriculum that is balanced to create a proficient, well- rounded musician (Music Theory, Ear Training, Sight Reading, Improvisation, Performance, Technique, and Repertoire). Her highly acclaimed incentive program has helped many young students to enjoy both lessons and practicing. Ali prides herself in her open communication with students and their parents.  Her goal is to help students become life-long lovers of music and to teach the student the rewards of working at a skill for the long term. 


Accomplishments, experience and relevant information in regards to teaching:

  • 8 yrs piano teaching experience, 4 at the University level
  • Currently teaches through Utah State University Youth Conservatory (Gold Level teacher)
  • Current MUSC 1170, MUSC 1180 (Keyboard Harmony 1 and 2) instructor
  • Current MUSC 1180 Accelerated Keyboard Harmony Instructor
  • MUSC 1480 Individual Piano Instruction for Non Music Majors instructor 
  • MUSC 2490 Individual Piano Instruction for Music Majors (Second Instrument) instructor
  • Completed Piano Pedagogy classes 1 and 2, Advanced Pedagogy 1 and 2, and required Practicum classes. 
  • Former MUSC 1130, 1140, 2130, 2140 (Aural Skills 1,2,3,and 4)) Undergraduate Teaching Fellow
  • Former MUSC 1110, MUSC 2110 (Music Theory 1 and 3) Undergraduate Teaching Fellow
  • Recipient of the "Theory Class Assistant of the Year" award, Spring 2010. 
  • Experience teaching International and Disabled students