Youth Conservatory

Faculty Directory

Youth Conservatory Teachers 2014-2015


Robyn Abrahamson

Arthur Floyd

Michael Lechner

BreAna Shaw

Jacqueline Winterton

Eliza Nelson

Josh Musselman

Jeff Gubler

Alexis Hansen


Brittany Jarman

Brittney Mattison

Lisa Richards

Sierra Summers

Shanelle Winkel

Taylor Packer

Tisha Santana

Samantha Bunderson



Mark Gubler

Sara Mason







Lauren Belliston

Brody Craney

Krystal Kunz

Lizzy Prettyman

John Price

Aubrey Moeller

Allison Ward



Gary Amano – Founder, USU Piano Program Head

Emily Ezola – YC Program Coordinator

Luke Hancock – USU Piano Faculty

Brooke Hirst  – Account Manager

Dennis Hirst – Director; USU Piano Faculty

Kevin Olson – USU Piano Faculty

Jessica Roderer -- USU YC Theory Instructor

Ewa Wilczynski – YC Theory Instructor


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Brooke Hirst

Brooke Hirst

Faculty Status:  Faculty; Account Manager, Theory Instructor

Brooke Hirst holds Bachelor and Master degrees from Utah State University in Piano Pedagogy and Performance.  She serves as a part-time instructor at USU, where she has taught university courses in Piano Literature, Pedagogy Practicum, Music Theory, Aural Skills, Collaborative Piano, and Keyboard Harmony.  Mrs. Hirst has operated a private piano studio in Northern Utah since 1995, and her students have soloed with community orchestras, won state competitions, and been awarded piano scholarships by various universities.  Mrs. Hirst has served as Director of the Youth Conservatory at Utah State University, which serves over 300 young pianists in Northern Utah.  Recently, she was commissioned to compose and direct the performance of an original song, “Art Works for Kids,” for a gala event in January 2013 celebrating the value of arts education for young people.