Youth Conservatory

Faculty Directory

Youth Conservatory Teachers 2014-2015


Robyn Abrahamson

Arthur Floyd

Michael Lechner

BreAna Shaw

Jacqueline Winterton

Eliza Nelson

Josh Musselman

Jeff Gubler

Alexis Hansen


Brittany Jarman

Brittney Mattison

Lisa Richards

Sierra Summers

Shanelle Winkel

Taylor Packer

Tisha Santana

Samantha Bunderson



Mark Gubler

Sara Mason







Lauren Belliston

Brody Craney

Krystal Kunz

Lizzy Prettyman

John Price

Aubrey Moeller

Allison Ward



Gary Amano – Founder, USU Piano Program Head

Emily Ezola – YC Program Coordinator

Luke Hancock – USU Piano Faculty

Brooke Hirst  – Account Manager

Dennis Hirst – Director; USU Piano Faculty

Kevin Olson – USU Piano Faculty

Jessica Roderer -- USU YC Theory Instructor

Ewa Wilczynski – YC Theory Instructor


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Krystal Kunz

Krystal Kunz

Cell Phone:  801.499.1401
Faculty Status:  Graduate

 Playing the piano is what brings me some of the greatest satisfaction in my life. I began playing when I was 6 years old and I have loved to practice and perform ever since. My goal is to help each of my students develop a love of music that will drive them to do their best and push themselves to accomplish what they didn't think they could. I have had great teachers who have influenced my love of music throughout my life and I strive to help me students see how much I love music and instill in them this love along with the work ethic to accomplish their goals.