Youth Conservatory

Faculty Directory

Youth Conservatory Teachers 2014-2015


Robyn Abrahamson

Arthur Floyd

Michael Lechner

BreAna Shaw

Jacqueline Winterton

Eliza Nelson



Brittany Jarman

Brittney Mattison

Lisa Richards

Sierra Summers

Shanelle Winkel

Taylor Packer





Mark Gubler

Lindsey Lee-Pope

Sara Mason

Ashley Weiss









Lauren Belliston

Brody Craney

Krystal Kunz

Lizzy Prettyman

John Price

Aubrey Moeller

Allison Ward



Gary Amano – Founder, USU Piano Program Head

Emily Ezola – YC Program Coordinator

Luke Hancock – USU Piano Faculty

Brooke Hirst  – Account Manager

Dennis Hirst – Director; USU Piano Faculty

Kevin Olson – USU Piano Faculty

Jessica Roderer -- USU YC Theory Instructor

Ewa Wilczynski – YC Theory Instructor


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Krystal Kunz

Krystal Kunz

Cell Phone:  801.499.1401
Faculty Status:  Graduate

 Playing the piano is what brings me some of the greatest satisfaction in my life. I began playing when I was 6 years old and I have loved to practice and perform ever since. My goal is to help each of my students develop a love of music that will drive them to do their best and push themselves to accomplish what they didn't think they could. I have had great teachers who have influenced my love of music throughout my life and I strive to help me students see how much I love music and instill in them this love along with the work ethic to accomplish their goals.