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Associate Degree Nursing Graduating Student Survey


This is a new survey specifically written for the Regional Campuses and Distance Education (RCDE) nursing program. The researcher was contacted by RCDE to put together a comprehensive survey to measure the opinions of students graduating in their nursing program. After lengthy consultation with RCDE Administration and the nursing program directors and faculty, as well as lengthy study of the comprehensive components of nursing programs, a survey was written, edited, and piloted with nursing students from several campus sites. The survey is administered on a yearly basis. The primary objective of the new survey is to assess the attitudes and opinions of RCDE nursing graduates with respect:
  • Preparation in skill areas needed by nurses
  • Academic Program Content Components
  • Preparation for Licensure Exams
  • Faculty/Department Interactions and Experiences
  • Future Plans and Employment of graduates


The surveys were administered electronically and automatically downloaded into the Analysis, Assessment, and Accreditation Office server. Data is presented in graph form with frequencies and percentages noted. This format allows the reader to better visualize the data, and as such, the narrative of this report will not always state all answer options available. The graphs should be consulted because the narrative is meant to be a summary of the data, and combines Strongly Agree plus Agree or Very Good plus Good. The graphs show each element of the Likert Scale for each question.

The graphical data are divided into seven indexed categories