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University Connections Survey 2012


Each Fall Semester USU offers the University Connections course for incoming freshman. This year there were 61 sections. The Connections course begins and students attend Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and half day on Saturday. They then meet three more times in the first three weeks of the semester for follow-up sessions.

The University Connections course was designed to give students an early introduction to the expectations and challenges of university life; to the academic, geographic, social/communal, and procedural maps of the University. Connections 2012 also emphasized some of the learning skills students needed to achieve their university goals successfully. The course explored problems common in the transition of students from high school into university life. The course provided an orientation to University services and resources, an introduction to basic policies and procedures governing the conduct of staff and students, as well as the physical layout of the USU campus and the Cache County community.


The purpose of the survey is to evaluate student opinion in the 61 sections of the Connections course. The survey consists of six parts: survey demographics, a section of questions evaluating students' experiences with the course, a section asking students how helpful the course was in meeting various goals, a section dealing with students' primary reasons for enrolling in the program, a section dealing with the effectiveness of their course instructors, and a set of four open-ended questions allowing students to make comments and give more specific feedback about their impressions of the course. The open-ended questions will be addressed in a separate report that the instructors will be able to access through the Connections Canvas website. The Connections Survey was placed on Connections Canvas website and all students were instructed to complete the survey.

A total of 1,597 students were enrolled in the Connections course during the Fall Semester of 2012 and 1,512 usable surveys were submitted. The response rate was 94.7%.