Additional Academic Resources

Ways We are READY to Help

Your student fees and tuition make these resources and services possible. You've already paid for them, so please utilize them!

Student Academic Support Courses
USU has created courses to provide additional support. Nearly all of these classes are only one credit and are taken the second half of the semester. Introductory courses provide a broad introduction to collegiate-level learning while the Habits of Mind courses are designed to provide a deeper dive into specific competencies, such as planning, learning, reading, and resilience.

College Writing

A critical aspect of success in college is the ability to communicate what students are studying and learning. Everyone needs to improve their written communication skills, which is why USU offers a variety of free resources and supports to all students wherever they are.


USU offers a variety of tutoring options for all students, most of which are free or low-cost. Remember, in college, students who want to succeed are also the students who seek out and utilize the help provided.

Student Support Services
Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded TRIO program designed to provide specific activities and services for undergraduate students. Services include specific sections of some courses, advising, and community. Students must apply.

USU Eastern students go here.

Supplemental Instruction
Many general education courses have a Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader who attends each class and provides study sessions to assists students with grasping concepts and skills taught in class. Students who regularly attend SI study sessions with their leader generally perform better on exams and assignments.

Disability Resource Center
The Disability Resource Center (DRC) helps facilitate equal access to all university programs, services, and activities by:
  • Collaborating with the university community
  • Promoting principles of Universal Design
  • Celebrating disability as a natural aspect of diversity
  • Coordinating reasonable accommodations

Study Smart Starter Kit
Get ready for your tests early. Studying smart requires you to start preparing for your test the first day you learn new material. Learn the steps, tips, and resources available to you to study smart.

USU Libraries Support
The USU Libraries provide a range of services and resources to help students succeed. From accessing information and one-on-one research help to study rooms and technology check-outs, USU Libraries are committed to supporting student achievement.