Participating with Crowd Mics as a Student

The Crowd Mics application, installed in some USU classrooms, allows students to connect their mobile devices to the classroom microphone system. Participating students tap to speak into their mobile device's microphone, and their audio is shared over the classroom microphone system to the classroom speakers and any remotely connected sessions, like Zoom. Crowd Mics also allows participating students to send chat messages to the instructor.

Which Students Should Use Crowd Mics?

If an instructor is using Crowd Mics in a class, only the students who are physically present in the classroom should use Crowd Mics to speak. Students connecting remotely over Zoom should use the Zoom tools instead.

Connecting to Crowd Mics as a Student Participant


Make sure you are connected to EDUROAM wifi


Download and open the Crowd Mics app (download for Apple app, or download for Google app)

(In the classroom, a QR code will be available to direct you to the app.)


When prompted, enter your first and last name and tap Log In

log in by entering first and last name


Join the classroom in which you are using Crowd Mics

  1. Tap Scan QR Code
  2. Scan the "Connect to Room" code
  3. It may be available in Canvas, on the projector screen, on the classroom door, or on a wall

tap the scan qr code button


To join a classroom event created by the instructor, tap the Connect to Crowd Mics button

tap the button labeled connect crowd mics


Tap on the name of the room you are sitting in

If you do not see the room listed, tap the Add button and scan the QR code for the room posted on the classroom wall.

tap on the room you are sitting in


Enter the 3-digit passcode provided by the instructor

enter the three-digit pin provided by the instructor

Speaking or Messaging Through Crowd Mics


To speak, tap Ask to Speak

use the options to ask to speak or send a chat message


Once you are approved, you will be placed in line to speak

When it is your turn, tap and hold the screen to speak


Continue holding until you are done speaking

tap and hold the screen to speak over the mic


When you are done speaking, tap the X icon to close you mic so other students can speak

click the x icon to close the mic


To send a message to the instructor over chat, type a question or comment in the text box at the top of the screen.


Tap Send to a Moderator

Note that your message won't go to the whole class; only to the instructor.